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“Soldiers Nap With Their Canine”, by Jean Beaufort

by John Donnelly…….

If people recognize no force superior to their desires; then they must fight when their desires collide. Penetrating an eye socket with one’s fingers, so as to detach said eyeball and disable an opponent, might be the outcome from such collisions.

Syrian atrocities and “child murder” have been established as the new normal. Acceptable levels of violence and killing have become “standard operating procedure”, as long as such destruction appears to be occurring at a safe distance.

Indifferently disposed leaders and media moguls have orchestrated narratives designed to deflate this real time murder and genocide. Fraudulent and selective coverage of the ongoing slaughter in Syria, has darkened and diminished the world’s collective consciousness.

Academia and Elitism, for the most part, have done little to place the issue of “baby killing” before the public. They are reluctant to elevate this story to the forefront of their news cycles. It doesn’t fit their ideological pursuits.

Feigning ignorance of their agony, has not been blissful for these neglected citizens of the world. Many pundits and professors conveniently gloss over the realities facing these unfortunate human beings. They prefer spending their time on constructing hit pieces, regurgitating foolish and incoherent behavior afforded to us via the Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton teams. They refuse to dirty their hands with the heavy lifting that comes with the Trust and Leadership inherent to their positions.

And then of course, we have our own “Syrian Type Uprisings” occurring in America’s 3rd largest city. In Chicago someone is shot every 2.84 hours. Chicago’s murder and slaughter rate is being conducted under the auspices of a Constitutionally elected government. At present, lawless cities of this magnitude have exceeded the number of Americans being killed in our 3 ongoing wars; Iraqi, Afghanistan and Syria.

Now I get it; we’ve become desensitized to innocent American children being routinely murdered in our country; so we’ve extended that courtesy to the children of other nations. Or, could it be the other way around? Either way, it appears that a cultural decline has devalued “Life”; leading the way to disinterest and lethargy when it comes to the suffering of others.

Perhaps, partial birth abortions and laws forbidding medical treatment to babies accidentally birthed during a botched abortion, have had something to do with the hardening of our hearts.

Forgive me, I don’t want to get too far off track. However, factual scenarios riddled with the slaughtering of children, infrequently appear on cable news and the front page of our nation’s newspapers.

A natural progression of this cold heartedness, might cause one to stand idly by and listlessly accept the creation of additional killing fields; as murder rates in their own country’s cities reach epic proportions. Sanctioning and legitimizing “individual and mass cruelty” has not made our communities and world a safer place. Exterminating “goodness, goodwill and common sense” from curriculum development and the halls of government, for the sake of getting along and not offending anyone, hasn’t brought peace nor a loving awareness into the world.

“Techno Junkies” unable to relate to themselves and fellows have exponentially exacerbated the societal rift and failings we suffer from. Imperfections and shortcomings not addressed, nor corrected, highlight the fundamental cruelty circulating the globe. The regularity with which we permit abuse and naively brutalize ourselves has an antidote, a clear and present remedy that’s effective, working every time it’s applied.

I shall not bore you with further details. Like yourselves, I’ve a dark side. I frequently perseverate upon myself, while seeking mindless activities to escape the pain of an unsettling reality. So much for my digression, just sit back and “let the games begin”.

According to “Business Insider” (3/31/17): “The Pentagon is no longer going to tell the public how many troops are in Iraq and Syria”. And let’s not forget about that pesky little place called Afghanistan.

Right now United States Marines, United States Army Rangers and Special Forces troops are engaged in combat operations within Syria. The Third Ranger Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Battalion of the 4th Marine Regiment and the 2,400 Marines comprising the 11th Marines Expeditionary Force, according to diverse sources, are presently assigned to combat roles in Syria.

Additional troops from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and the United States Marine’s 24th Expeditionary Brigade are described as readying themselves for battle. Observers suggest there are approximately 6,000 American troops interspersed on the Iraqi and Syrian boarders.

So let’s see what we have here; “war wise”. We’ve waged a 16 year undeclared war in Vietnam, another 16 year or so undeclared war in Iraq and a 15 year undeclared war in Afghanistan; without securing or winning anything. In and of itself, those facts are absolutely unbelievable. Such destructiveness, pain and loss for obscure, murky and poorly thought out political goals and objectives. A long line of American presidents and congressional leaders have disgraced and dishonored themselves, while wreaking havoc upon our world.

So many millions of children and innocent civilians killed, maimed and murdered. Countless numbers of my Brothers & Sisters Killed & Wounded In Action. It’s very difficult for me to reconcile with the fact that these killings and blood sacrifices may have occurred, for existentially nothing.

I’m sickened and infuriated by the pointless and ill-advised conduct sponsored by our government. We’ve learned little, if nothing; as we’ve set out on another course of military intervention, which appears to be founded upon the same half-backed and simple-minded strategies that have failed us in the past. Invading nations and killing their citizens to attain a political objective, has not worked well for us.

Defeating an opponent is not difficult. Securing a lasting peace is even less complicated. The Military Industrial Complex can be fed and reconfigured to do the profitable bidding of Self-Realized & Self-Actualized citizens world-wide.

Setting that aside; flawed assessments, misguided planning and the inability to adjust to unintended consequences; have plagued our myopic and ineffective foreign policy and use of force; regarding building consensus and subverting threats to our national security.

It’s apparent we’ve regressed as a nation in our abilities to analytically reason, accurately assess threats and formulate solutions. Of one thing I’m certain, if we buy our students additional computers and expand their use of the Internet, so that every child is plugged in; our nation and world will become a better place in which to live.

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  15 Responses to “Walking Dead…”

  1. Well said, by a thoughtful and informed source who has witnessed the carnage up close.

  2. As always, a complex spiritual and world-wise analysis of the awful conundrum of normalized violence. Thank you, John.

    My prayer: that the bombing of the sarin gas dispensing air base in reaction to the pictures of the dead Syrian children would lead to a de-normalization of the violence against our own.

  3. Carson,

    Thank you…I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to comment. Your encouragement is very much valued and held close to my heart.

    It’s difficult for me to come to terms with the many whirling experiences and thoughts addressed in the article. Many of my emotions are conflicted and contradictory in nature. I’m only an adequate writer, so the dilemma lies in trying to makes some sense of it all via the written word.

    Through my life I’ve been compelled and driven to do some things, which I knew I wasn’t adequately prepared to do. I’ve allowed myself to move forward with these projects and take my lumps as I went along. I learned how to role when hit. So far I’ve been able to pick myself up and move forward with my life.

    People like yourself have inspired and reassured me with their kindness, for as long as I can remember. Always extending their goodwill and positiveness, when most needed. This Power that I’ve become familiar with, cleverly manifests Itself in some very Beautiful People…Thanks again…

    Blessings & Respect

  4. Rick,

    As usual, you nailed it. The normalization of violence–Breeds such Horror–In all its ugly forms…Conditioning a human beings’ mind and heart , to be hard and hateful.

    Most of the time I’m able to be mindful of some of the unmerited acts of kindness and mercy that have been shown me. It allows me to maintain some type of spiritual fitness, so that I too don’t fall into the abyss. .

    Rick, it’s great to hear from you. Thanks so much for your words of wisdom.

    Blessings & Respect

  5. Let us not forget how the Middle East problems began. It began with Israel and the Palestine conflict. No one has ever solved this problem and I will not take sides. Perhaps if it had been solved we would not have such an explosive situation now. I have been taught that if you have a problem, solve it now so you don’t have to worry about it later.

    • Blame Saddam and bin Laden as modern catalysts of this mess, and then throw in GW Bush for reacting badly from misinformation given out by Arab League countries.

      The Israel/Palestinian conflict is one thing, but in a large scale poll taken a few years ago in Middle East Arab countries, the majority did not list Israel as their concern. The problems Arabs mentioned were with their own countries: Lack of jobs; extremely hard or impossible conditions to have their own business; poor schools and education, poor health facilities; no chance to improve their lives; overall failure of their own governments, etc.

      • Hello there Lie Believer,

        I suspect your poll was taken in Zionist controlled Arab countries such as the the Jewish Saud country of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Arab Emirites… basically any country which isn’t on the list to be blown to smithereens.

        The others such as Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen… have had their infrastructure devastated by years of sanctions, bombings and genocide by the ZOGs of Europe and US.

        Did you know that a Palestinian teacher from Bethlehem was announced as the winner for the Global Teacher of the Year in 2016?

        These people have more integrity in their little pinky toe than you have in your entire lie-believing body.

        • The Arab poll results were reported by Frida Ghitis in an article by the Miami Herald newspaper several years ago. Look it up and read it, then decide on its merit without guessing. What I have written is factual regardless of where the poll was taken.

          • I did my best to locate the article/poll you referred to by the Zionist propagandist, Frida Ghitis, but was not successful. Perhaps you could link it here.

  6. How about taking away technology when kids are in grade school so that they actually have to learn how to analyze and solve a problem by using their brains. Then, make them take history classes so that they understand why the Constitution and all its amendments exist and what happens to people in countries where it doesn’t. Young adults these days don’t know how to count change, and you expect additional computers and use of the internet is going to enable them to make this world a better place? That’s like trying to construct a building with no foundation.

  7. Bozewell,

    Always appreciate your succinct and valuable contributions to the discussion. Thank you so very much.

    Yes, the inability to move beyond the Palestinian/Israeli (conflict-violence-terrorism-war) through my lifetime; has festered, spread and morphed into additional instability and violence throughout that region and world.

    Yes again, infections spread and worsen if not effectively treated. Their toxins can cause amputations and an agonizing death.

    Perhaps, this prompt and decisive response by the President is an abrupt change in our foreign policy. Under ordinary circumstances, a nation and its people would get behind their leader in a time of crisis. I’m not saying, follow him lock stock and barrel. Monitor his conduct and hold him responsible and accountable under the Law.

    Thanks again for insights, understandings and perceptions. They are most welcomed.

    Blessings & Respect

  8. Keysmiata,

    You are “spot on”…The comment is very much appreciated. For me, it is at the crux of the problem for the difficulties we face as a nation and people.

    “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. I’ve witnessed a firsthand account of the “Dumbing Down” of education in America. Children and the world have suffered because of their dependency on others to explain to them how to think and process events.

    Keysmiata, you’re wisdom and understandings are undisputable; yet the American Public School System continues to be flushed down the toilet, while marketing and conditioning the public to accept their “greatness”.

    The conduct, ineffectiveness and lack of integrity contained within the “education community” has been recorded within volumes of their foolish and nonsensical behavior.

    Building any structure on sand, cannot, and will never stand…Thanks again for your wisdom and contributions.

    Blessings & Respect

  9. Ben,

    As always, Excellent points and perspectives addressed in your comment. Thank you for consistently sharing wise and informative information with The Blue paper.

    Destabilization and worsening conditions in the Middle East have a lot to do with the violence and uncertainty stemming from terroristic activities, political corruption and a lack of trust and confidence in their leaders and country, so that the lives of the people they govern might be made better.

    My understanding is that Israel has entered into several different types of partnerships with some Arab and Islamic nations, all attempting to thwart the rise of ISIS and related terror groups in that region.

    It appears that the long standing Israelis/Palestinian conflict has taken a back seat to the very clear and present dangers facing them in the moment.

    When I haven’t anything to hope, dream or live for; and I’ve been indoctrinated to hate a particular people as the cause of my pain; and the suffering of everything that I love;;; you are going to have Big Problems.

    Big Problems with Small Leaders & No Solutions; equates to Death & Disaster…

    We must look for some real answers from a “Source” that can authentically provide them. Until that happens it will be the Same Shit–Different Day…

    Ben, I value everything you pointed out in your comment. I pushed with a written proposal presented to the School Superintendent & School Board, to institute a scholarship program at our 3 high schools, which would identify the methods and means to formulate higher level solutions to the problems facing our nation and the world. This program would have provided $10,000 in scholarship monies to our students each year; at absolutely no cost to the school or taxpayer.

    I was shot down and the program rejected, without a second thought.

    Improving and expanding upon the quality of our lives, as you alluded to, is a big deal. Bombs or Bread. We can export Beauty-Awareness & Solutions; or weaponry, combat troops and military occupation. The choice we’ve selected, as demonstrated in my article, hasn’t worked very well.

    Blessings & Respect…

  10. From your essay, which I appreciated, I wasn’t clear on whether you believed the story that Assad is once again gassing his own people. But from your comments to others I can see that you are still gorging on Lies. Bon Appétit!

  11. Sister,

    Always value and appreciate your insights, perspectives and understandings. I’ve missed not having your thoughts and ideas to contemplate and learn from.

    I’ve never been to that region of the world. I’ve not had the opportunity to live with the Israeli and Palestinian people, as they go about their daily lives. I’ve not been able to personally witness the violence, killings, bombings, uprisings and oppression; first hand, through my own eyes and experience.

    I’ve had to depend and rely upon others, as to the factual basis of what is going on over there; politically, culturally, religiously, racially, nationalistically and militarily. There aren’t many primary sources of information, and even then, there’s usually a series of points and counter points.

    Were Syrian children gassed? I don’t KNOW. Who killed them? I don’t KNOW. I’ve viewed videos of children being hosed off in an attempt to decontaminate them from something. It appears someone did something very bad to these innocent children.

    In comes our government, media, political pundits and professors eagerly willing to explain and interpret for us what has occurred, and who is responsible for said actions.

    Sides are drawn based upon our conditioning, quality of propaganda and life’s experience.

    Self-Realization and Self-Actualization can break this delusive spell.

    Being intuitively alive and detached from many of the materialistic and emotional pulls this world has to offer, I’ve allowed myself the privilege of being wrong and making mistakes. I’m not quick to trust or judge. When I’m cognizant of making an error, I expeditiously abandon the idea previously held and make whatever amends that are necessary. If there’s any lessons to be learned, I attempt to maintain that new awareness.

    To the point you made concerning Hanan Al Hroub from Palestine, who received the highly esteemed and distinguished “2016 Global Teacher Award”; I offer you the following:


    Hanan grew up in the Palestinian refugee camp, Bethlehem, where she was regularly exposed to acts of violence. She went into primary education after her children were left deeply traumatised by a shooting incident they witnessed on their way home from school. Her experiences in meetings and consultations to discuss her children’s behaviour, development and academic performance in the years that followed led Hanan to try to help others who, having grown up in similar circumstances, require special handling at school.

    “We just want peace; we want our children to enjoy their childhoods in peace.”

    With so many troubled children in the region, Palestinian classrooms can be tense environments. Hanan embraces the slogan ‘No to Violence’ and uses a specialist approach she developed herself, detailed in her book, ‘We Play and Learn’. She focuses on developing trusting, respectful, honest and affectionate relationships with her students and emphasises the importance of literacy. She encourages her students to work together, pays close attention to individual needs and rewards positive behaviour. Her approach has led to a decline in violent behaviour in schools where this is usually a frequent occurrence; she has inspired her colleagues to review the way they teach, their classroom management strategies and the sanctions they use.

    Hanan has shared her perspective at conferences, meetings and teacher training seminars. She hopes that, with education, her people can reclaim their homeland.

    • Grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp; motivated to teach by her experiences as a mother of children traumatised by a shooting incident
    • Offers specialist care to pupils exposed to violence
    • Focuses on providing a safe space in the classroom and pays attention to individual needs
    Has shared her approach at Ministry conferences and teacher training seminars throughout the world.

    Sister, thanks again for taking the time to read and comment on the article. I sincerely appreciate your views and contributions.

    Blessings & Respect

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