by B. Vigilant…….

Dear Editor,

How to build a brand new hotel while there is a County moratorium on new hotel rooms:

  • Start with one of the oldest working marinas, one with a public boat ramp and ample off street trailer parking, a tackle shop and ships store, rental slips and racks, storage units for marina occupants, inboard and outboard repair businesses, work racks, boat and yacht rental businesses.
  • Add 79 Affordable Housing ROGOs, the ones that are supposed to build new workforce housing throughout the County.
  • Hire land use consultants and attorneys to massage the Land Development Code into turning a blind eye to the protections for working waterfront and the provision of affordable housing.
  • Arrange for thousands of dollars to a County Commissioners campaign fund.
  • Kick out all the boats in the marina and don’t let any liveaboards back in.
  • Have parking calculated on 79 residences then build lockouts to double the number of dwelling units.
  • Put up a gate, restrict parking spaces and hide access to the required public boardwalk.
  • Plant more trees that any development around and tell everyone how wonderful it looks.
  • Have travel sites advertise your brand new 175 room hotel.
  • Count on the County to say it was all ‘by the book.’

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