Jul 312015

by Richard (Tuna) Rohe…….

tuna trump

Donald Trump seems to be making all the News.
In fact, he’s ahead of all the Republican candidates.
Is that all they have? REALLY ???

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 July 31, 2015  Posted by at 12:30 am Cartoon, Issue #125  Add comments

  One Response to “Tunatoons Laurence the Lobster”

  1. Dear Tuna,

    I love your stuff. By far, the best satirical commentary out there.

    As heads are being chopped off on the world stage, children raped and innocent civilians tortured and executed each day, before our very eyes; perhaps the medias characterizations and outrage over Trumps’ right to speak and be himself are a little over done.

    As the world burns, it appears to me that prioritizing the many narratives proffered by the media darlings concerning this individual; are a little off key, disingenuous and out of tune.

    Thanks for all of your thoughtful graphics and insightful presentations. I look forward to them each week.

    Blessings & Respect

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