Harry Bethel, Former City Commissioner

Mayor & Commissioners,

The Truman Waterfront Park is a very sensitive issue with the residents of this community. We don’t need all these controversy’s about the Amphitheater. It is very simple when the property was turned over to the City of Key West it was for the enjoyment of our residents. I know in your hearts that you know that an Amphitheater is NOT NEEDED, nor wanted. Please one of you that voted in the affirmative can bring this back before the City Commission, please do the right thing for YOUR COMMUNITY AND IT’S RESIDENTS it’s the FAIR thing to do and you will be RIGHT.

This issue is so important to our Community and it’s Residents that maybe the best thing to do is listen to their voice by a binding referendum of their vote. The Commission put the widening of the channel up to a referendum and it went down in flames. In my humble opinion you will see the same results with a binding referendum on the Amphitheater, listen to YOUR residents speak through their vote.

Thank you for listening.

Harry Bethel

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