Truman Waterfront Advisory Board Member, Ben Volpian, has asked for the group’s May 23, 2016 board meeting to include a frank discussion on future park plans.

Volpian says there are three Plans:

1. The Truman Waterfront Park Master Plan,

2. Conceptual Plan as presented by Planning Director, Thaddeus Cohen, and

3. Truman Waterfront Plan as presented by Ben Volpian.

His aim is to begin a group discussion that would compare the 3 Plans using the City of Key West’s Mission’s and Duties of the Truman Waterfront Advisory Board criteria as shown on the City’s website:

  • To make recommendations to the City Commission and LRA on all items and issues related to the entire Truman Waterfront area for the improvements of the Truman Waterfront.
  • To promote the rehabilitation, revitalization, conservation and redevelopment of lands and structures within the Truman Waterfront.
  • Advise the City Commission on projects and uses for the property which are consistent with the comprehensive plan and conveyance documents from the United States.
  • Explore funding sources to offset any potential taxpayer burden.
  • Study the feasibility of proposed projects and the viability of future projects.
  • Facilitate productive communication and elicit opinions from all interested individuals and entities, especially the United States Navy.

“I would like to address these Plans in an open and back and forth conversation with any and all people as to what Plan or Plans would most benefit the people of Key West and our guests overall as far as conserving open spaces in the Park,” said Volpian.

The board will meet at 6:00 pm at Old City Hall on Greene Street.  All members of the public are invited.



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