My Tribe is BETTER than your Tribe


by Dr. Geno…….

The seven magic words that have tumbled planet Earth into becoming the insane asylum of the Universe. So what’s the latest example?? Members of the German Parliament(Former Nazis??) have labeled the Turks as having committed Geoncide of the Armenians in 1915. Now how’s that the pot calling the kettle black?? Don’t forget the 23MILLION exterminations by our Ally Uncle Jo Stalin. And, what about the Invasion of the Americas?? The Europeans Extermination of the native populations. And don’t forget the WMDs used by the White Devils?? What WMDs you ask?? How about BIOLOGICAL WARFARE?? Blankets laced with smallpox germs and other European Diseases. And the Useless Slaughtering of the indigenous people’s food sources(American Bison) leaving the carcasses rotting in the sun. Oh and the forced Christianizing of the natives. Believe or Die. Randy Neuman got it right with his blockbuster single hit– Short People. We laugh about it because we’re helpless to do anything about it. All this nonsense broadcasted to divert our attention from the real problems-greed/corruption of the people we’ve chosen to set the example. Brings to mind a satire by National Lampoon’s Deteriorata; “You are a fluke of the Universe, you have no right to be here, weather you believe it or not, the universe is laughing behind your back.••••Give Up”. What’s the possibilities of this situation getting better??? From 0 to the Sq. root of -1.


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Eugene Nanay

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