“The Skinnydippers” Performing at The Porch & Key West Bite…

The Skinnydippers are a bunch of loons, who believe in the magic of music, who believe that music is meant to be enjoyed for the way it can move the hearts, spirits, and thoughts of those who hear it – not just sell drinks and food. The fun they have performing transfers to the audience, and a good time is had by all. Unusual instrumentation including mandolin, ukulele, and dulcimer, even conch, kazoo, and xylophone, provides settings for their soprano and baritone voices. This presents a refreshing change from convention right from the start.

Swing, folk, country, rock, and pop blend, forming a seamless foray into fine fun music. Mandolin and ukulele, xylophone and other percussion, create a lovely, lively, lilting platform for musical mirth. What began as a brief foray into uncharted waters has evolved into an odyssey with no end in sight. Each time The Loons set up to entertain it’s a three-hour tour of unparalleled delight.

Do you believe in magic? The Skinnydippers do!

The Porch, 429 Caroline Street, Key West………….Friday 12/1     8-11

Key West Bite, 920 Caroline Street, Key West………..Saturday 12/2    7-9


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