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Term Limits


by Walter Lagraves…….

Dear Editor,

Term limits. How do you feel about term limiting elected officials? If you’re like three out of four of other Americans, you are in favor of term limits. Term limiting elected officials is becoming the new norm. Here in Florida our state legislators and our governor are term limited. In many Florida counties, cities, and municipalities the voters have decided that elected county and local board members must be term limited.

A number of years ago certain board members of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board attempted to seek legislation that would term limit that board. But, that effort was quashed by the majority of the board, incumbents all. Some of those same board members, long term incumbents, ultimately voted themselves life time health insurance. As result you and I are on the hook for millions of dollars in liability.

At last Tuesday’s Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board meeting the issue again was put forward. Chair of the Board, Phil Goodman, stated that he was in favor of term limits, other board members suggested that they too favored term limiting their board. New commissioner, Brandon Pinder spoke in favor. His comments show that he is honoring his campaign dialog wherein he stated that he favored term limits. That takes courage and a true commitment to public service. The Board decided that the issue would be brought up for further discussion at their next meeting.

Should the Board vote in favor of term limits, prior to implementation, it would be necessary for the Florida legislature to pass a local bill.

If you really want to see an improvement in our local governance, I urge to let your views be known. I suggest that you email the Director of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board at [email protected]g, and urge that they adopt term limits.


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