Dear Editor,

I contacted the sewer adviser at FKAA and asked about my new impending utility bill. How is the Sewage portion of my bill calculated? He answered Everything that goes through the water meter is billed as Sewage. I asked what about the 7000 gallons used to top off my pool-Sewage. What about the water I use to irrigate my fruit crops-Sewage. What about the water I use to water my grass-Sewage. How can this be?? Why is FKAA taxing me for something that they aren’t providing. Isn’t this ILLEGAL?? Is FKAA doing this on its own or are they just following directions as a Contractor from the SEWER SYSTEM OWNERS, the Monroe county government and particularly the Controlling members of BOCC?? Are you happy about the way YOUR government is systematically taking more and more of your money and for what. Why did the BOCC vote to give away 14.2 Million dollars of our Sewer Project Money to the State of Florida to repair the States falling down bridge?? Isn’t this Misappropriation of OUR tax moneys. Are you citizens of Monroe Country satisfied that Your Elected Commissioners are spending Your tax money the way You voted to have it spent?? Do you give a SH••?? This is Stealing plain and simple. Are you going to stand up and do something or bend over and “thank you sir may I have another”. It WILL get worse unless You do something to stop this.

Dr. Geno

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