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Surplus Sales Tax


Dear Editor,
According to the News/Barometer’s front page article, it appears that the BOCC doesn’t know what to do with the SURPLUS Infrastructure Sales Tax Monies. First of all why is there a Surplus?? If there’s a Surplus then the continuation of taxing the citizens isn’t needed. Hey BOCC, I’ve got a suggestion on what to do with the SURPLUS Infrastructure Sales Tax Monies(I-S/T monies). Spend the Money as the Voters Mandated. Quit trying to screw with George Neugeant’s LOSERS. Spend the $1600 each for the traffic bearing lids, pull the electric off the poles (like what was done on Grassy Key), and put YOUR infrastructure in the ROW as Your own ordinance Mandated.

The Voters Mandated you spend the I-S/T monies on a Complete and Fully Funded sewer system. Why are you Refusing to follow the MANDATE of the voters that put you in office??

Why do you refuse to answer?

Eugene E. Nanay Jr.,

Citizen, Resident, Registered Voter, Wounded Warrior

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