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sunshine grill
by Martha K. Huggins…….

Chris and Noelle Itrato met in an employee training class at Disney World–He was learning to be “Goofy” and she to be “Mickey Mouse.” Living in Orlando for many years, they came often to Key West because it “felt like home.” His wife, Noelle, a writer and artist, was especially interested in making a home in Key West. And having owned a restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama–“Moe’s Southwest Grill—Chris could easily imagine himself having an eatery in our little slice of Paradise.

Purchased last year, The Sunshine Grill—preceded at 1110 White Street by the “4th of July” and “White Street Grill”—Chris and Noelle’s “Sunshine Grill” is a smashing success on our White Street corridor. With two existing art galleries on White—Helen Harrison’s “Harrison Gallery” and Melissa Trader’s “Stone Soup,” and one more on the way—the “Lucky Street Gallery”—the Sunshine Grill is already becoming ‘the place to be’ before and after the Third Thursday’s “Walk on White.” Those out walking before breakfast will also find The Sunshine Grill a welcome retreat: Open at 6:30 a.m. for breakfast, the “Sunshine” has breakfast specials from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m., and a free coffee with every purchase. Of course, you can order breakfast all day and you can also get lunch, or light-fare for dinner, and just drop in for dessert, if you wish. The Sunshine Grill has delicious ice cream in yummy flavors. The Grill, which closes at 9 p.m., also makes deliveries until nine p.m..

A self-confessed ‘workaholic,’ my own lunch breaks from writing are at the Sunshine Grill: 2 double espresso Cappuccinos, a “Grown-up Grilled Cheese,” and maybe some Mathessen’s Ice Cream for dessert. The big feature of the Sunshine Grill for me is its ‘sunny’ employees and owners: Amy Snyder, a server and a cook–not both at the same time, of course—remembers me by what I have eaten—not even my husband knows that much about what I like to eat! A font of interesting stories, Miss Amy is a joy. But here’s another reason for going to the Sunshine —besides its delicious comfort food and lovely people—it has retro booth seating. Sit right down in a snuggly booth with a friend, have a milk shake and crispy fries, and be “cool.”

Sunshine Grill: 1110 White Street (on White Street across from Fausto’s right-hand parking lot.
Menus: ; Telephone for delivery: 294-8089

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  1. Do well “Sunshine”. Congrats, that Sunday brunch crowd was HUGE

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