Dear Editor,

At last month’s BOCC meeting, the commission approved funding renovations for Bernstein Park in Stock Island. It is a small park which kids and adults use who live in Stock Island as well as other groups in the keys. The cost will be 8 million dollars.

In 2013, when the project first came up, the cost to lift the field for flood, build new bathrooms and a storage space for equipment to maintain the park, was estimated at 3 million.

Why now should this project cost 8 million?

It’s because a 5 million dollar building, I call the “Taj Mahal”, will be included in the project.

This building is huge with two floors, multiple rooms, full kitchen and more that impedes on the green space which could have been used for regular sized athletic fields. Our only green space in Stock Island will now have a big building sitting on it. Why put such a tremendous building on green space? Once you build concrete on green, the green area is gone forever.

So now my question to the public is, why on earth spend 5 million dollars for ONE building?

Is there a commission someone receives or a percentage of the project? Who benefits from these huge buildings going up in the keys? Enlighten me please. My phone is (305) 897 – 4567.

Diane Beruldsen
Stock Island

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