Apr 172015
Courtesy SCOTUS

Photo Courtesy SCOTUS

Set for the morning of April 28th, the historical landmark hearings for Marriage Equality will take place in Washington DC. Aaron Huntsman and William ‘Lee’ Jones, accompanied with their PR & legal team, Restivo, Reilly & Vigil Farinas, will depart on 26 April from Ft Lauderdale International Airport. The team, consisting of 25, representing Key West, Monroe County and Florida will be accompanying multiple Florida Marriage Equality plaintiffs also en-route to DC to participate in this historic event. Local Key West citizens Dan Bready and Kevin Dickenson have provided accommodations in Washington, DC for the entire group.

 Proud of their part in this historic push for equal rights and proud to represent Key West, the county of Monroe and Florida on the national stage, the team will be gathering with hundreds of other nationwide State and Federal Marriage Equality petitioners and their respective legal case teams for a historic gathering prior to the Supreme Court hearings.

Plans are for a real time media feed from these events in Washington DC via Twitter ( @LoveisLoveKW ) and Facebook (Huntsman v. Heavilin).

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  One Response to “South Florida Plaintiff Group to Attend US Supreme Court Hearings”

  1. Dear PR and legal team, I wonder, if the 4 or 5 King Solomons currently setting this country back with their attitude on big money gave you your victory with regard to same sex marriage, would you give a crap about Citizens United? Did you ever give a crap about it? Or are you all just one trick ponies?

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