Social Engineering on Steroids

by Ray Jason…….

I spend a lot of time away from people – so that I can better understand people. But today I needed to surround myself with real people. A week of intense research on where Humanity is being herded has profoundly shaken me.

I’m sitting in my favorite café here in the Archipelago of Bliss, gazing out on the main street, which should be called Avenida Anomaly, since it is so detached from the modern world. It is delightfully out of synch because for every passing car there are 10 bicycles and 20 pedestrians. Across the street in the park, Moms entrust their children in the playground to their older brothers and sisters who welcome this responsibility. On the sidewalk an old man with a wheelbarrow full of coconuts slices them open with a machete and sells them to his lifelong friends. The entire scene is a testament to the philosophy of “live and let live.”

This is in stark contrast to those in the bejeweled dungeons of power who are colluding to hypnotize and enslave the common man. The term that best describes their hidden campaign of conquest is Social Engineering. In my two previous essays on this topic, I tried to distill down to one sentence the goal of those who are masterminding this cultural takeover. They seek greater and greater control by fewer and fewer people.


In the early decades of the 20th Century, those who seek authoritarian power, switched to a more subtle method of controlling society. Largely using techniques pioneered by Edward Bernays, they found ways to manipulate people without them being aware of it. Their methods involved secrecy and deceit.

They also realized the value of “separation.” They recognized that people could be influenced much more efficiently when they were isolated from each other. Two of the dominant changes of the late 20th Century were extremely helpful in allowing the controllers, who I like to refer to as The Malignant Overlords, to further divide and dominate us. These supposed improvements were television and suburban living.

Families, sitting alone with the Blue Light telling them what to do, buy and believe, were a business, political or religious tyrant’s dream. Just look at how swiftly advertisers, politicians and televangelists took to the airwaves. It was also a perfect control mechanism – since only the rich could afford broadcast licenses. And it was doubly valuable to the State because they dictated who got those licenses. Anyone wanting to broadcast an alternative worldview was locked out.

Meanwhile, as the social engineers were separating people from each other through television and suburban sprawl, they furthered their crusade of human debasement by converting us into consumers. Since a person’s worth was now measured by their “stuff,” this encouraged competition instead of co-operation. And the toxic fog of societal alienation spread further and further.

The Internet Revolution brought a burst of optimism for the possibility of a more emancipated planet, where the best ideas and tools could be shared by everyone. It looked like we might be on the brink of a new Golden Age of justice and harmony and enlightenment. But that gold has been transformed back into copper by some sort of reverse alchemy. The World Wide Web has degraded into a surveillance tool for our masters, a directory of phony Facebook friends and a platform for eBread and eCircuses, which relentlessly distract us from our evaporating sovereignty.


But now the Malignant Overlords are poised to pound two more nails into the coffin of Humanity’s independence. The first is their plan to impose a worldwide cashless society. They are trying to sell this policy by claiming that it will be a mighty weapon against money laundering and drug trafficking. This would be laughable – if it were not so hypocritical and perverse.

Some of the Too Big To Fail banks, which would benefit from a cashless society, are the actual perpetrators when it comes to money laundering. Google up HSBC, Wells Fargo and Deutschbank, and you will see the enormous fines they have had to pay because of their involvement with this clandestine trade.

The other great beneficiaries of the War on Cash are governments. They justify this assault on our liberty because it is a way to battle the drug lords. Again this would be comical – if it were not so hypocritical and repellant. Although you will never hear about it on the evening news, there is very convincing evidence on the internet to show that governments and their “intelligence” services are neck-deep in the narco-trade.

Spend a little time with James Corbett’s short film on Gary Webb and marvel at his courageous reporting. You can find it here. Gary’s extraordinary investigation led to his “suiciding” via the message-sending TWO bullets to the head method.

Aside from the hypocrisy of Big Banks and Big Gov claiming noble motives for taking away your cash, it is also laughable because it does not work. For years many countries have been eliminating the larger denomination currencies, which are supposedly so essential for drug lords and money launderers. Has this eliminated or even significantly lessened these operations – of course not!

So why do our rulers really want a cashless society – because it gives them god-like control over EVERYBODY. If your money is merely a digital entry on the balance sheet of a faceless bank, that same bank can miscalculate or eliminate your savings. Coming to your home and stealing $1,000 in cash that you have stashed in your mattress, requires a lot of effort and also law enforcement back-up. But just deleting it from your account with the click of a computer mouse is a tyrant’s wet dream.

And here are some other ways that the War on Cash is a victory for the M.O.s.

It eliminates bank runs. When people lose faith in a financial institution they try to withdraw their savings as swiftly as possible. But since banks never have enough cash to cover the accounts of their customers, the bank collapses. With no physical cash to run out of, bankers will not have to fear bank runs.

It allows bankers to institute negative interest rates. In the upside down world of Big Finance, there has recently been a push towards people having to actually pay banks for holding onto their money. Eventually, depositors will realize that it makes more sense to stow it in their mattress for free rather than pay interest on it. Plus, if there is a bank run, they will not lose their lifetime savings. But digital money allows bankers to impose negative interest rates, because you can’t remove money that is just an entry on a bank’s computer.

Eliminating cash lessens the chance of tax evasion. Big Brother is almost obscenely aroused by the prospect of monitoring every transaction that you make. Of course, the big corporations, with their squads of attack lawyers, will find every tax loophole. But if you try to trade a Mickey Mantle baseball card for a Willie Mays, you might get busted by the IRS.


The second nail in the coffin of freedom that I alluded to earlier is the microchip. The implanting of tiny RFID chips into our bodies would probably give the Malignant Overlords ultimate domination. They could then transform Earth from a magical, flowering garden into a plantation planet with almost all of Humanity reduced to slavery.

In this Orwellian future with Darth Vader playing the role of Big Brother, all of your vital activities would be dependent on your chip. This electronic i.d. device would be necessary to access your digital money, to buy food, to open a car door, to enter a building, to retrieve your medical records, to travel to another country. And it will allow Darth Brother to record your every move through its imbedded GPS tracking capability.

Surely, such a dystopian scenario seems impossible. But it is already underway and advancing more aggressively. First they chip your pets. Then they hail it as a means of tracking Alzheimer’s sufferers even though there are already excellent non-invasive devices for doing this. Then they make it trendy in the movies. Then companies start requiring their employees to get chipped. And finally, after the population has been acclimated to it, they make it mandatory – for your own good.

I realize that this seems like the stuff of nightmares. But instead of dismissing it outright, just ratchet up your attention to this in both mainstream and alternative media. You will probably realize that there is indeed a steady slide down this horrific slope.


The first essay in this trilogy began with a vignette about my gift of a solar-powered light to an Indio family here in the Archipelago of Bliss. Last week, an ex-pat friend who lives here part time, treated me to dinner at a superb local restaurant.

During the meal he mentioned that he had been so touched by my light-bringing gesture, that he had purchased several of them. He then followed my lead and gave them to some of his Indio friends out in the islands. But whereas I had shared my gift during the daylight, he had presented his at night. His method was far more dramatic than mine, and I loved hearing him describe the way the kids would go “Ahh” when he switched on the lamps.

It reminded me of the worthiness of my efforts to bring some illumination to you, my unknown reader, even as I explore the Dark Territories.





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2 thoughts on “Social Engineering on Steroids

  1. It is so encouraging to find that not everyone is so easily deceived. Ray does a great job of pulling aside the curtain and showing the true motives behind the social engineering snake oil sales. I look forward to his weekly observations and analyses!

  2. Hey Ray, how’s it going?

    Not here to argue against your points at all and I’m 100% no go for a cashless society and increased government inclusion in my bank account, but here’s something to consider: Each year “tax cheats” stiff the government (my fellow Americans and me) of $450 billion with $50 billion of that recovered. For argument’s sake, if that remaining $400 billion was recovered then we could pay off the $250 billion per year in interest that we pay each year on our National Debt and still have $150 billion left over – also meaning we could borrow money ($1 trillion or whatever) without paying any interest. OR instead, we could reduce our National Debt by $4 trillion in just 10 years without having to do anything except collect the money that was owed us.

    Just another take on money.

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