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by Ray Jason…….

There is only one town here in the Archipelago of Bliss, and although it is in a beautiful seaside location, it has avoided the curse of gentrification. You would never confuse it with a cutesy, sterile, tourist destination that beckons to the cruise ships. But even though it fails the “postcard perfect” test – it gets an A for Authenticity. And it would get an F from any Social Engineer.

In my previous essay, I discussed how those who are obsessed with ruling the world are attempting to steer and control the entire planet as though it was their personal Maserati. The term that I long ago coined for these alpha villains is The Malignant Overlords. I am delighted to report that their efforts to impose their Social Engineering on this little community have been an abysmal failure.

Here is some evidence that supports this claim. The people here are not addicted to television. Instead, they are out chatting and laughing with their neighbors on the streets and in the park. There are no suburbs, and there are certainly no massive highways since almost nobody owns a car. In fact, water taxis are the main form of transportation. And no one worships the god of consumerism here. You can’t buy a Rolex watch – excuse me, time piece – or a Gucci handbag here.


In my earlier discussion of Social Engineering, I outlined the main ways that our culture was being directed during the final stages of the Industrial Age. My belief is that the Master-plan for greater and greater human domination by fewer and fewer people is being achieved by isolating people from each other so that they can be more efficiently manipulated.

All of the major cultural developments of the 20th Century contributed to this. These included television, suburbs, highways that by-passed small towns and hyper-consumerism. But even as people were being deliberately separated from each other, they were also being programmed to be more similar to each other. And so, paradoxically, the Malignant Overlords were striving to destroy both community AND individuality. Just as almost every shopping mall is identical, they want each human to also be identical.

One of the methods that they use to subtly enforce regimentation is by lessening a person’s choices. They simultaneously impose both “sameness” and “bigness.” So instead of thousands of Mom and Pop restaurants, the landscape is devoured by a plague of fast food locusts. Family farms are replaced by industrial agriculture. A thousand newspapers owned by local people are replaced by six media giants. The same fifty franchise stores infest almost every mall. Uniformity wins – diversity and humanity loses.


But as hideous as these developments from the end of the Industrial Age are, what is even more dangerous are the Social Engineering techniques that the controllers are using in the Age of Technology. Their goals remain the same: to isolate us, to regiment us, to destroy our independence, to transform us into human automatons, and to subtly but completely DOMINATE US! The little photo that accompanies this essay is a perfect example of that. An elite ruler prances down the convention hall aisle as free as can be, while his subjects voluntarily submit to electronic serfdom.

So let’s examine some of the most common new technologies and see if they benefit the Human Multitude or the Malignant Overlords. We’ll start with the one that is universally perceived as a great gift to the world – The Internet.

Yes, there are tremendous positive aspects to the Internet. The ability to freely research a health issue on the Web is miraculous. Learning in detail about the customs of others far away, without any filtering, is excellent. Being able to easily make travel arrangements is so convenient. And staying in touch with loved ones from afar –even with video imaging – is wonderful. But let’s take a look at the downside.

Surveillance is an appropriate place to start. All of these screens that you are watching are also watching you. And they are recording you. To evade being monitored 24/7, a person has to become a cyber-contortionist. And those who watch and monitor you are not your friends who are doing so as part of a Neighborhood Watch. It is the Malignant Overlords who now possess this astonishing tool for further control. The ghost of Orwell is probably whispering, “You would not listen to me.”

False Connectivity is another consequence of the internet age. All the survey data reveals that even though people continue to accumulate hundreds of Facebook “friends,” they actually have fewer and fewer real friends. Walk into any Starbucks on the planet and what will you witness? You’ll see people sitting together and ignoring each other while they are fixated on their devices.

eBread and eCircuses is what much of the Internet has become. It is a tsunami of information that convinces people that they are informed, when in actuality they are merely distracted. It does not encourage “critical thinking” it drowns one in a flood of disconnected data. When another insipid, accidentally deliberate wardrobe malfunction “breaks” the Internet because a billion people are salivating over it, you know how misused the Web has become.

Alternative Media is obviously one aspect of the www that is extraordinarily valuable to the Human Multitude. It is an open marketplace of ideas where the reader or viewer can make their own judgments. I applaud this and I am deeply grateful for it. Certainly my essays would never be published by the Establishment Media.

My problem with it is that the Malignant Overlords can shut it down at a moment’s notice. And they will as soon as the counter-narrative becomes too threatening to the version of reality that they wish to impose. This is already evident as they try to demonize the alt-media with the term Fake News. It can also be seen in the way Youtubers are having their content censored for being advertiser-unfriendly. The Ministry of Truth will undoubtedly strive to silence the actual crusade for truth.


I hope that my contrarian views on the Internet will help you understand that for all of its merits it is also an incredible tool that allows the power junkies to further dominate us. Because the focus of this essay is Social Engineering in the Age of Technology, I was planning to also discuss these extremely important and troubling topics:

  • The cashless society
  • Micro-chipping humanity
  • The rise of the robots
  • Artificial Intelligence.

But these are such crucial issues, that I will instead dedicate a full essay to them in the near future.


You might recall that I began my previous essay on Social Engineering with a vignette about my gift of a solar-powered light to an Indio family here in the Archipelago of Bliss. A few months later, when I returned and anchored near their modest homestead, I noticed that the energetic four year old girl would move the little Luci Light throughout the day. She would track the graceful glide of the sun across the sky, and re-position the light to fully charge its battery.

Joyously witnessing her tending of the light, rekindled my sad recognition of how wounded our world is – and why it is so. For thousands of years, wise philosophers and spiritual thinkers have cautioned us to not stray too far from Simplicity and from Nature. But we humans have done so. We are hypnotized by our power to create the spectacular frenzy of the modern world. Our vanity has seduced us into the worship of Complexity and Artificiality. Such hubris is not just tragic – it is perilous. Have we strayed so far – that we will never rediscover The Path of Light?





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