by John Donnelly………..

Something happened on the way to Key West. My mind was stretched in a new direction. It was different; nice and smooth; welcoming and unafraid. Kind of like that ‘Rocky Mountain High’ taken to verse by John Denver.

My spiritual condition had been suffering of late. I had been too busy to participate in my devotional practices or give thanks to the God of my understanding, for the many miracles and protections, which my Creator has provided unto me throughout my turbulent existence.

Instead, I had been dwelling on a betrayal and some broken promises. As I perseverated on my discomfort and physical pain, my world receded and constricted.

Unable to shake free from the immediacy of my discomfort, I felt a quick trip down South would interrupt the misery I had been manufacturing. Only thing, I’d be bringing myself along for the ride.

Consumed with disappointment and restlessness, I was long past the praying stage. Replete with anger and a desire to teach those who had intended to harm me a lesson, I made my way to the post office, clearing out my box before leaving town.

An old, yet familiar darkness had encircled me. I had no one to blame but myself. Recognizing my state of mind and cognizant of the remedial action required to ameliorate said condition, I set forth to purge the destructive thoughts and emotions that had overtaken me.

Through my life’s experience I’ve come to know that “all things shall pass”. Accurately acknowledging the truth and realities that I’ve become familiar with, immediately loosened the negativity that had taken hold.

Emptying my PO Box, I took a delivery notice up to the counter to receive a package. As I opened a large customized envelope, nothing in this world could have prepared me for its wondrous contents.

An artist’s laminated rendition of a newly built and extraordinarily beautiful 36.9 million dollar ‘Theatrical Complex’, which is slated to be given to our ‘theater company’, of which I am President of its Board of Directors, was contained therein.

Grateful for not inappropriately responding to the difficulties that I had been ruminating upon, I regrouped.

Through the years I’ve developed a degree of self-restraint, which I’m learning how to couple with a tenacious drive to move forward, towards the ‘Light’. I’ve improved at melding these integral ingredients into my decision making process.

What a difference 7 minutes and a 3 mile truck ride can make.

As I reflected upon the glory of the aforementioned happening, a pause and calm settled in, causing clarity and luminosity to penetrate and further disassemble my clouded thinking.

It was not because something nice had just occurred that my spirit was exhilarated. I (We–The Theater Company) had gotten used to hearing the word ‘No’. Almost gotten comfortable with it. We had began to doubt ourselves. Content to survive, we were incrementally abandoning the drive to advance and prosper with our company.

The astounding revelation that I received via the mail triggered a ‘spiritual experience’, whereby I witnessed my entire life pass before me, visualizing those many abysmal and God awful junctures in my existence, when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Only to be made aware in a split second that the hand of my God was present, shielding and protecting me from my enemies, while rendering comfort and clear waters.

All the money and wealth in Rothschild’s banks and the corporate world have not decreased the suffering and uncertainty of life. However, in the realm of the spirit I’ve been mercifully spared the harshest consequences associated with a life overshadowed by ignorance and slow growth.

The significance of said proposition: “it’s not important what happens to you, only how you let it affect you”; is a potent reminder of the ‘volitional powers and potential’ that we all posses.

I’m a work in progress, as my education continues through the love of those interested in my growth and development.

Accentuating the importance of the material world has caused delusion and corruption to take center stage, propagandizing and distracting our children from their true target and eternal objective. Being programmed and drawn into the lurid deceptions of a sophistic culture, the self-perpetuating desires of our materialistic society have been maintained and expanded upon. A diseased and dysfunctional nation, breeds diseased and dysfunctional citizens. An antidote is available free of charge. The only requirement is that you face yourself, as you actually are.

The ‘scientific discovery process’ has been hijacked by the highest bidders. Mesmerized by the toxicity of wealth, political acclaim and celebrity status; our scientists, children and the nations of the world have been indoctrinated with narratives that have no basis in fact. The deceptions and shenanigans of the material world will go on in perpetuity. To endlessly wrestle with this beast will devour one’s genius and ingenuity.

My energy shall merge with the creative, spiritual and scientific processes; as I seek validation and purpose from the only ‘Entity’ that really matters.

Let the Rothschild’s banks and corporate conglomerates continue to whirl. At the moment they have nothing that I’m interested in. However, if the day and time ever arrives that I want what they have, I will take it.

Cowering before such fraudulent paradigms is self-defeating. Their soulless and duplicitous natures, do not amount to a pimple upon my ‘royal Irish ass’.

The bamboozlers and bullies described, pale in comparison to the One that has All Power… If God is for me, who can stand against me?

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