Dear Editor,

Having been disgraced, seriously injured and punished for his mistakes; at what point in time shall a man be forgiven?

Perseverating upon another’s imperfection is the mark of a weak and enfeebled individual, fearful that their own flaws and shortcomings may be called to light.

For many years Randy Acevedo served the children, parents and taxpayers of this county in a distinguished manner. He was a popular, dynamic and effective Superintendent of Schools. As our chief educator he was a brilliant, inspirational and creative leader.

Before we cast another stone at this man, perhaps we should make certain that our own houses are without blemish.

Shall society condemned Mr. Acevedo forever, never allowing him to earn a living and have a fruitful life again?

It appears that there was a bumbling attempt to bring Mr. Acevedo on as an assistant football coach at Key West High School. It seems as though he was approached as though he were a leper; unclean and toxic; for a position that he was qualified for and willing to serve as a volunteer.

Having devoted a good portion of my life working with convicted felons, as they struggle to assimilate and rebuild their lives upon re-entering society, I am disappointed and offended by the way this man has been treated.

It would be a valuable and instructive example for everyone, if Mr. Acevedo were to be appointed as a ‘line coach’ for the school that requested and is in need of his services. His skills, accrued lessons, comeback spirit and documented commitment to serve the children of Monroe County are a matter of record.

“For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again”.
A word of caution. Please be advised not to discriminate against this man, nor impede or infringe upon his right to prosper and advance himself. If any of his “Constitutional Rights” are violated, as they are interpreted under law; it will be a costly mistake.

If the powers that be decide to toy with this man’s life, it’s going to come back and bite them in the ass.

Blessings & Respect,
John Donnelly

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