Dec 122014

Honorable & Distinguished Guests…

State Rep. Holly Raschein’s “Purple Heart Trail” Bill was recently signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott. A section of US 1 running from Mile Marker 106 to Florida City will be designated as the “Purple Heart Trail”. Beautifully crafted highway signs running North and South on US 1 will depict this designation.

At presents these signs are masked. On Monday (December 15) at 5:30 PM on or about MM 106 Northbound–US 1, a brief dedication will take place unveiling these signs.
Following this dedication a reception will take place at our VFW Post 10211 in Key Largo. It is scheduled to begin at approximately 6 PM.
You are cordially invited to participate in both events. We would be honored and privileged by your attendance.

Blessings& Respect,
John Donnelly

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