Jan 162017

photo from Kanye West’s public facebook page

Pritam Singh’s “Ocean’s Edge Key West Hotel & Marina” [Stock Island’s new controversial 175-room hotel resort] reportedly belongs to famed hip-hop artist Kanye West. At least that’s what one online travel site is claiming…

According to an online article published today in “Travelers Today“, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s husband [pictured above], recently turn[ed] into a hotel and marina owner once again after investing “$38 million” into “his” Stock Island’s Oceans Edge Key West Hotel & Marina.

The Blue Paper has not found independent confirmation as of press time. The Monroe County Property Appraiser’s website shows Oceanside Investors LLC as the owner of the property.  The Florida Department of Corporations shows Oceanside Investors LLC with Pritam Singh as MGRM, and Jiwan N. Singh as VP on their most recent annual report filing – March of last year.

And there’s this from the Ocean’s Edge website: “Oceans Edge Key West is family built, run and operated—we are locals with a passion for conserving this beautiful island, and with a vision for creating a bigger, better, more authentic slice of paradise!”

In 2013, Celebrity Net Worth claimed Kanye West had a net worth of 120 million USD – if so he could certainly have chipped in the reported “$38 million” to make the project a reality… but so far it looks like the folks at “Traveler’s Today” are the only ones making that claim.  More about Kanye West here.




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