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Poker Run: Careful What You Wish For…


by Eugene Nanay…..

It’s NOT about the Noise, it’s NOT about the Law, it’s about THE MONEY ?. Heard this famous quote on US1 radio from Mayor Weekly
In response to the winers and crybabies complaining about the noise the motorcycles make when Peterson’s Porker Run/Key West Bike Week comes to town. Well, it appears that you are getting what you wished for. Just heard that the Key West Rotary club is pulling the plug on the sponsorship. When the folks at Peterson’s Harley Davidson were queried about this their response was rapid and concise. We’re off to Ft. Myers. So all you crybabies Won and the there will be ?$6 to $8 MILLION Less being spent in the local economy. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true.

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Eugene Nanay

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