Poetry Guild’s Featured Poet, JD Adler

jd3Featured poet for July will be a recent transplant from Philadelphia, JD Adler, Key West Poetry Guild announced this week. July 5 is the date of the guild’s regular, first Sunday meeting at 7 p.m., upstairs in the old bordello at Blue Heaven, Thomas at Petronia streets in Old Town. Nance Boylan will moderate.

Adler was born in 1970 in a small Pennsylvania community devastated by the lack of foresight in the post World War II steel industry, according to his bio. Following in the footsteps of his favorite authors and fictional characters, he dropped out of college and trekked across the nation with little more than the clothes on his back for ten years.

Managing to complete an English Lit B.A. during that time, he later completed his formal education with an M.S. from Drexel University in publication management. As a volunteer, JD taught children to write short fiction for a Philadelphia non-profit, Mighty Writers. His publication credits include poetry, plays, screenplays, freelance journalism, novels, and a sizable collection of short fiction. Today he lives in Key West . . . continuing his work as a writer and adventurer.

He also enjoys cookies immensely.

Adler moved to Key West from Philadelphia about eight months ago and almost immediately became involved with the Guild.

The KW Poetry Guild is a loosely organized oral reading group that traces its roots back to the 1940s winter visits of Robert Frost to the home of Jessie Porter Newton. Meetings have been held on the first Sunday of every month without fail since the early 1970s. The only rule is that poets must read their own, original work. Of course, everyone is welcome to come and listen.

For additional information please phone Boylan at (908) 591-5566.

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