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'Castle Guard' taken by Rostislav Kralik

‘Castle Guard’ taken by Rostislav Kralik

by John Donnelly…….

Former President of the United States, GW Bush, sometimes referred to as ‘baby bush’; made a disturbing spectacle of himself during the funeral service for those Dallas Police Officers recently murdered.

Having dyed what’s left of his hair with a brownish feculent colored substance; the visual impression formed in the minds of my assembled guests, viewing this tribute, was one of shock and distress.

The application of some type of liquid or paste on his head, exacted an unwelcomed reaction. It accentuated an already unkempt stubble growing on his head. The unnatural and distasteful hue, tint, tone and shade emanating from the cacophonic mixture painted on his head, was indeed frightening.

Unforgiving high definition visuals, leave little room for radio faces and poorly applied make-up placed on those seeking to advance themselves via this medium. Such folly will be critiqued by the judgments of an evaluating public. The 60” HD screen provided exceptional reception during this funeral service. In addition, the lighting at this event was bright and extensive. It exposed GW in an unflattering and rather grotesque manner. Perhaps the viewing audience should have been alerted with a warning that what they were about to see: “may pose a health risk or be troublesome”. At least families could have removed their children from the room. Putting forth such an optic, without proper warning, disturbed my guests.

The conversation of these unforgiving critics was indicative of the fact that the color wheel and schematic had been ignored when selecting the stain to be applied to his hair. It triggered the focus of my guests to hone in on the rest of his scalp. As they stared at the little curly feculent colored hairs spiraling out of his head; they speculated and verbalized their horror, as to what possibly could be the source, of such a repulsive image.

I asked them to settle down, as I wanted to take in and send forth my thoughts and blessings to these officers.

Except that it was a cause of disruption, the aforementioned scenario didn’t bother me. Anyone can have a bad hair day. In preparation for a heartfelt ceremony, wardrobe mistakes, malfunctions and miscalculations are inevitable.

However, I was rubbed the wrong way towards the end of the service, when everyone held hands and sang “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”. It was during the singing of this song, GW acted out with what I consider to be some infantile and childish behavior. He decided to swing, pull, push and rock in an exaggerated and excessive manner, dragging his more reserved and subdued partner to and fro, destabilizing and knocking her off balance. As the song continued his animated actions grew more intense and theatrical. I hate to say this, but his creepy antics and foolishness disrupted the serious nature and tone of these proceedings. His gestural excesses, in my mind, mocked the solemn tribute being reverently afforded to the families of those slaughtered officers.

Bush made the lady, who was holding his hand feel extremely uncomfortable and threatened; she gazed towards her husband with a scared look, seeking some form of comfort and support from him.

It appeared to me that the adscititious behavior of ‘baby bush’, was a bit bullying in nature. It seems he wanted to steal the show and become a focal point of the ceremony; no matter how unpleasant or aggressive his actions were to the woman forced to hold his hand.

I was ashamed and disappointed by his behavior.

Following the event I came across some news reports suggesting that maybe GW had been drinking or was all fired up on something else during the ceremony. The authors of these articles reminded their audience of the reports that had once circulated suggested the Bush in question, may have had at one time a drinking and/or drug problem. They attributed his strange behavior to the possibility that maybe he had taken something prior to the funeral service. I don’t know, nor do I care. The behavior I witnessed was disturbing.

What is more disconcerting, was he sober and behaved ridiculously; or did he got all juiced up for the service and fall apart? I don’t know if either scenarios are applicable. I do know how he came across to my guests.

Haven’t we had enough of the same ‘family blood lines’ being thrown into our faces as the so-called messiahs and anointed ones; as we’re continually fed distorted narratives by some in the 4th estate extolling their greatness. Many allies of the privileged have insulated them from the consequences of their poor judgment and flawed policies. Meanwhile from where I’m seated, the extent of their greatness seems to be consolidated into getting fat and powerful off the public teat; via the blood, sweat, tears and treasure of the American people.

Look at our planet and world today after 16 years of Bush, Obama and Clinton; the world is aflame and our nation is coming apart. Racial hatred and killings, law-enforcement assassinations, simple arrests by police officers, at times, turn into innocent civilians being killed; while ISIS affiliated and other terrorist attacks are successfully carried out on our soil. All of the above have become common everyday occurrences. You can’t turn on the news without viewing instances of horrific violence, murder, torture and death in our country and around the world. You cannot drive to the store without habitually coming across our flag lowered to half-mast, in recognition of the carnage from another terrorist attack.

In 2015 there were 11,774 terrorist attacks worldwide, resulting in 28,328 deaths and more than 35,000 injuries. In addition, more than 12,100 people were kidnapped or taken hostage. We are most familiar with the many attacks that have recently taken place in Western Europe and the United States.

No leadership. No passion. No answers. No solutions…

Many of our government officials and career politicians are unconcerned with the suffering and discomfort they bring into the lives of innocent citizens. As ideologues; they blindly continue to generate their failed policies, regardless of the pain and death they cause. In their failed leadership, many bask in the protective glow of a rigged system, which offers prosecutorial cover from the consequences of their criminal actions. The unequal and separate tracks of justice they appear to enjoy, spares them from being held accountable. You know how it goes, one set of laws for the rich and powerful. And another set, for the not too famous.

The beat just keeps on coming. And many of us just keep on marching. Empty shells in lock step, goose stepping our conditioned and numbed carcasses to the set tunes of our masters. Devoid of any real sense of purpose and meaning; too many accept, believe and blindly place their trust in the latest technology and ideological baloney that is thrown their way; while the middle class is devoured by failed economic policies, as they’re driven into despair, despondency and homelessness. The pain and fear accompanying their empty and hopeless existences; has ground many beautiful, vibrant and intelligent men, women and children into dust.

We’ve come close to destroying the “Dream that was once America.” Along with many courageous, devoted and extraordinarily hard working Americas, who’ve served their nation and communities in a plethora a ways, both domestically and internationally, I find it sad and especially painful to languish under the rule of incompetent and ineffective leadership.

I’m privileged for the time and opportunities I’ve had while living in America, to explore and advance my spiritual journey. The freedoms, rights and liberties that were afforded me have not been made in vain. Self-Realized and Self-Actualized Fellowships and teachers have been available to me in this country throughout my life.

Although my heart is heavy, my mind and spirit are light…I’m grateful to have had a chance to live in the United States when being an American opened doors and drew people together….

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