Dear Editor:

Where Will We Go…

letter to the editorFrightening and panicking citizens to uncertain futures based upon fraudulent COVID-19 models, has significantly delayed the development of a remedying response to this deadly disease. Many thousands of individuals have been harmed and killed, resultant from these malfeasant scientific projections.

Imprecise and inaccurate data coming from medical officials projected that 2.2 million Americans would suffer death from the COVID-19 Virus. In addition, these experts projected that 81% of the US population would be infected with this deadly disease.

Dr. Fauci, Dr. Brix and CDC Director Dr. Redfield took turns reinforcing these misguided claims of mass death and destruction. Responding to these startling predictions, many states issued lockdown orders.  Businesses were closed and many millions of people lost their jobs and careers. “Wall Street Journal” investigators identified these lockdowns as triggering a double-digit increase of homicides in 36 of our 50 biggest cities. Amid these stay-at-home orders, crimes against women and children increased. Doctors at John Muir Medical Center have seen more deaths by suicide than the COVID-19 virus (ABC News).

Lead COVID-19 medical advisor to the president Dr. Anthony Fauci has been inconsistent with his recommendations to the public. He’s gone so far as to advocate for the public to use an Online Dating App to hookup during the pandemic. These inconsistencies were broadcasted, repeated and published via media and social platforms around the world.

The Scientific Method has lifted “civilizations” from the depths of starvation, poverty and disease. It has provided human beings with an opportunity to experience  a “quality of life”, which can provide them with the means to reduce their suffering. Abandoning the pursuit of “truthful discovery” via the Scientific Method will flood our lives with confusion and disorder.

Imaginary beliefs fermented in delusion and foreboding will seek expression in society’s re-imagined cultural perspectives.

Discarding the Scientific Method as a standard, model and means to live one’s life effectively, will turn our world into a primitive and violent wasteland.

Remaining a dangerous disease, the accompanying CDC COVID Survival Rates provide some evidence that we’re moving in the right direction.

Survival Rates: O-19Years=99.997%, 20-49Years=99.98%, 50-69Years= 99.5% and 70+Years=94.6%.

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