Harry Bethel, Former City Commissioner

Mayor and Commissioners:

Tuesday night’s was the most EMBARRASSING meeting I have ever witnessed. When someone signs up to speak 3-minutes on an agenda item, that is what it is but when that man got up to speak, he looked like a WACKO to begin with but when he started immediately to attack, embarrass and humiliate Commissioner Romero was wrong. It is very sad that the Mayor allowed this man to go on and on and basically he spoke more about Commissioner Romero than the agenda item. I guarantee you when I was on the Commission this would have never happened and Commissioners Weekley and Lopez know this to be a fact. Now, I have seen the Mayor stop the personal attack on Commissioners before but to let this one go on as long as he did was ridiculous and unprofessional. Then again there’s a reason for everything we do in life. Then later in the meeting the Mayor started to speak about how he was personally hurt my things said about him, then he choked and quit speaking. How do you think Commissioner Romero felt???

Harry Bethel

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