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Open Carry


Dear Editor,

Law enforcement individuals are endorsing the passage of HB163 and SB300, which will include Florida with the other 45 states that allow some form of Open Carry. The Vast majority of Florida Sheriffs and other law enforcement officers believe that criminals are less likely to target victims that they know are armed and prepared. In a study done by the University of Massachusetts for the US Justice Dept. over 1800 Violent Convicts were queried on target selection and who were potential victims.

81% — determine if victim is armed
74%–avoided occupied buildings-fear of being shot
57%–feared armed citizens more than police (No rules of engagement)
40%–were deterred because victims may be armed
57%–who used guns encountered victims who were armed
34%–reported that they had been scarred off, shot at, wounded, or captured by armed citizens.

Governments and Law enforcement cannot and will not guarantee your personal safety, PERIOD. So who will? No amount of laws and hokey regulations will stop people from being evil. The people that don’t want us to have the ability to defend ourselves have Paid Gunfighters to protect them.

Just remember that old hack–an armed society is a polite society.
And remember–He couldn’t get a gun so he used a sword instead.
If my open carry firearm might prevent a crime just because it was visible then perhaps it is a positive thing.

Eugene Nanay [Dr. Geno]

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