Once Upon A Time – A Light Was In The World…


by John Donnelly…….

The ‘American Press’ was adjudicated specific constitutional rights by the founders of this nation. It was hoped that as the ‘Fourth Estate’ they would rigorously expose the institutional excesses that are systemic within the corruptive influences of a powerful government. The architects of this new nation knew that politicians would be insulated from the citizenry once elected to the positions they coveted. Their authority and privilege would shield them from the consequences associated with misdeeds and violations accrued while in office, as well as giving them cover and protection from the broken promises they articulated to get themselves elected.

Politicians enjoy a plethora of entitlements. It really distorts the notion of them being called ‘public servants’. This soiled arrangement with their constituents, muddies the relationship between the governed and the government. Overseers often become impatient and unresponsive to a subjugated proletariat.

Those in power are quite aware of the volatility which led to the formation of this nation. A ‘Free and Constitutionally Protected Press’ would be the answer, safeguarding our unalienable rights, while thwarting the need for future revolutions and wars of independence.

Mesmerized by the celebrity status of their puissant leaders, the endearing ‘press corps’ on far too many occasions has chosen to report the narratives set forth by those in power, as the last word concerning matters of importance; rarely probing or challenging the government’s veracity.

It has been my good fortune to be associated with several publishers, editors and investigative journalists whose courage, integrity and brilliance are second to none. These men and women of honor are dedicated to getting the story right for their readers. They are a refreshing and revitalizing splendor.

Many members of the media are frightened they will be targeted as enemies of ‘the regime’ if they press too hard on an issue, attempting to seek clarity and a factual response; thus being denied the access they require to earn a living.

Another reason that an objective and authentic analysis of a politician is difficult to secure, is found in the media bias attempting to obscure and promote their own particular brand of coverage and partisanship.

Correspondents questioning the malfeasance of their government, do so at much risk and peril to themselves. Within our own administrations we have witnessed retribution and retaliation taken against representatives of the press, via agencies of the United States, simply because their inquires exposed a contrasting perspective incongruent to the ideologies held by the ruling elites.

As has been demonstrated, a citizen who identifies the abuses of an over-reaching government is subject to the full force and might of said government.

Advancing the cause of liberty is not ‘Child’s Play’. It’s a constitutional protected responsibility that cannot be shied away from, if a ‘People’ desires not to stoop and cower before their plantation managers.

“The last full measure of devotion”, in all its multifaceted nuances, wrangled our independence and liberty from the tyrannical rule of a King.

Freedom is not for the faint of heart, nor should it be taken for granted, as the designs birthed by the depraved influences of power will remain fixated on controlling and managing the wayward masses.

12 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time – A Light Was In The World…

  1. John, Thanks for your always worthwhile comments. I think what you are missing here is that a truly “free press’ operating in a market system where the means of communication are making tons of money from this market system, cannot be objective. In an essay I wrote about 9/11 (whose publication has been nixed by various publishers) I coined a phrase that added to the famous one coined during the Vietnamese war: “the military-industrial-media complex”. For the press to go against the form of capitalism we currently live under would be for them to be going against their own interests. Sure, around the fringes in great publications like this, people can speak their mind and be heard, but it is a water gun going against a nuclear weapon compared to Big Media. Thanks John, I love reading you. Jerome

  2. Jerome,

    Thank you for the wisdom and insights shared.

    Midway through your comment I saw a weakness, which you soon corrected (The Blue Paper)…

    Liberated, detailed and diverse perspectives in The Press are available to the public on a number of fronts. If these independent views were sought after by the people, they would prosper and expand within our society. If individuals turned off their TV sets and refused their continued indoctrination, a new day would soon come.

    I’m not waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

    Thanks again for the value and depth that you bring to the discussion.

  3. 90% of media is corporate media that promotes and protects its masters. Here’s a link to a informative graphic.


    I find it evidential that a person like Donald Trump is considered a “populist regular guy speaking for the people” and is covered by our “free press” more than Kim Kardasian’s ass and there is a virtual main stream media blackout of Senator Bernie Sanders who actually is a true populist speaking on serious issues that impact the middle class…The longer corporate media ignores Sanders the more obvious the charade of our free press and representative government becomes….

    Having said that, CNN is having Bernie on “The State Of The Union” with Jake Tapper this Sunday the 30th at 9:00 AM. Hopefully the first of many appearances as his numbers become so large they won’t be able to ignore him anymore!

  4. Alex,

    Excellent comment. Fluid, informative and beautifully put together. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders: “If you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, then don’t go to war”…

    One credible reason not to proceed with invasion and violence as a policy or solution.

    Thanks for the heads up, I will watch Sen. Sanders this Sunday.

    I’m dissatisfied with my initial response to Jerome’s comment…Please let me take this opportunity to clarify my position; concerning seeking information, insight and guidance from a ‘free press’.

    As has been described, a viable ‘free press’ and ‘news’ (information) disbursing media; devoid of the influences of money, ratings, agendas and personal biases; may not exist.

    Many look at the blaring mindless nonsense projected by some of these entities; as simply Noise.

    A clinical professor at Columbia University, has characterized that this type of chronic background noise can: “Cause effects that the recipient cannot control. The blood vessels constrict, the skin pales, the voluntary and involuntary muscles tense, and adrenaline is suddenly injected into the blood stream, which increases neuromuscular tension, nervousness, irritability and anxiety”.

    Perhaps, it isn’t a matter of aligning oneself with the correct ‘news outlet’; as there doesn’t appear to be any. Outsourcing the acquisition of awareness, meaning and wisdom to anyone other than the individual seeking to evolve and advance themselves, may not be the way to go.

    A person can become lost, as they delve into the delusive nature of the material world, seeking advice and proper direction.

    I’ve come to realize that happiness and an inner sense of direct awareness, really does lie within. Whether living in a tenement building in the South Bronx or basking in the lap of luxury, the impact of such experiences have had little impact on increasing my happiness or advancing my search towards a Self-Realized and Self-Actualized state of mind.

    Driven to a point where there weren’t any more words, lessons or newspapers that could be endured, while there was still some time left, I withdrew from the world and sought relief from within the confines of my consciousness, as I had finally become ready to discover and try something new.

    To my surprise, a design for living, along with a recipe on how to construct a successful and purposeful existence was uncovered; independent of the ideas, opinions and attitudes of others. This gift and way of life had been there all the time. My ignorance and stubbornness had to be addressed before I was able to look in the right direction.

    I continue to field test these findings, making sure they still work. I take my best shot at practice these new approaches in all my affairs. As I learn and make adjustments with my life, I attempt to process and adhere to the instruction that has come my way.

    Some newspapers and broadcasts are better than others. However, upon review, there really isn’t much ‘new’ happening. Human beings have a tendency to act as other human beings.

    I’ve come to realize that my growth and evolution as a person, dictates the understanding and value of my reading and listening experiences; not the other way around.

    My many flaws, shortcomings and defects of character provide a challenge. Despite these blemishes, I’ve learned how to pick myself up and carry on via the God of my understanding and the help of many loving friends.

    Alex and Jerome, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to engage with you concerning this discussion. It allows me to review and revise the understandings I have of myself and the world. Thanks again.

    With Love, Blessings & Respect…

    1. John, There is something about this message that makes me uncomfortable, although I cannot disagree with any of it. None of it is “wrong”, or “untrue”, or factually or emotionally stupid or not worthwhile. But when it comes to dealing with the human condition it seems to be missing a lot. It leaves out so much. It paints a too simple message based almost purely upon each individual person’s approach to life. It neglects anything environmental, anything having to do with the whole nuance of being alive, of so many factors that go way beyond one’s own inner self, etc. Let me put it to you like this: John, you and I are “home boys”, we come from basically the same place and we understand this place (New York). You John, grew up in a more marginal place than I did, the South Bronx, which was a harsher environment than my cutesy suburban neighborhood on Long Island. You John, were the EXCEPTION in your neighborhood, one who has gone to places, both emotionally and otherwise, most of the people who grew up in your neighborhood cannot even imagine. In my neighborhood, just the opposite can be said in this sense: regardless of whether you were smart or stupid, ambitious or lazy, a jerk, dolt or “loser”, almost every kid I grew up with has found a wide open door to the good life. You cannot leave out these environmental factors in assessing human beings and why they end up where they do. I agree with everything you have said, but it is a small part of the story. When I hear you say things like this to such an extreme, I can almost hear the “powers to be”, those who unfairly (wickedly?) control so much of the earth’s patrimony to the detriment of so many, I can just hear them saying after reading your last message, “yeah, that’s good. We have this guy just where we want him to be”. I’d only write this comment to someone I have great respect for, someone worth conversing with. Good stuff John, I love doing this. Jerome

  5. “We killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitude that now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own….”

    — Ari Shavit, an Israeli columnist, reflected on the wanton Israeli killing of more than a hundred Lebanese civilians in an essay reprinted (from the Israeli paper Ha’aretz) in the May 27, 1996, issue of the New York Times.

  6. Sister,

    Always good to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to make a comment. I value and appreciate you many intelligent and thoughtful contributions. Thanks again.

    I’ve been in Miami for extended periods of time at the Theater & VA Hospital. Please forgive my not getting get back to you regarding the question posed in ‘The Blue’s’ last edition. In time I will address your concern.

    Ari Shavit appears to be a noted author and journalist of some acclaim. As I researched through his articles, writings and books; I came across a steady stream of notable criticism; concerning his integrity, credibility and authenticity.

    Thomas Friedman of The New York Times commends his work. The others standing alongside and supporting Mr. Shavit’s views were not easily identifiable. That does not make his assertions as to what is happening in the Middle East concerning the Israelis, Palestinians & the many other players incorrect; however, it does point out that it is just his opinion.

    Some of Mr. Shavit’s critics accuse him of proffering a “moral ambiguity”, while “rewriting history”. Others feel at time his writings dwindle into “circular rants” without offering specific solutions.

    I was not able to locate an independent description of the ‘mass murder’ alluded to in your comment. I don’t doubt something of that nature occurred. Violence, killing, murder and destruction have been happening in that part of the world for a very long time.

    Perhaps leaders, citizens and families have become desensitized to their barbarism, as the value of certain lives have been cheapened.

    What government, group of people or nation in this world; can be looked upon as a “Moral or Ethical” leader?

    I’ve come to a place where I recognize that there are usually 4 sides to every story. The left version, the right side, what historians say happened and what actually occurred.

    Human Beings can be unpredictable, violent, cruel and murderous. At the same time they are capable of demonstrating a limitless amount of love, compassion, kindness and benevolence towards their Brothers & Sisters.

    As you know, it all happens between an individual’s ears. All thoughts and actions have consequences. Violence is cyclic, living by the sword and dying by the sword.

    Many years ago, as I was on my way to bring peace to the Middle East, I was counseled to the fact that if I wanted world peace, I needed to start with myself; by thinking peaceful thoughts and developing a peaceful response to those in the world.

    Sister, I’m deeply appreciative that you brought this subject matter to my attention. I know that I didn’t offer much, however, the process was cathartic.

    With Blessings & Respect, Always…

  7. Hope your hospital stay was nothing serious.

    All one needs to do is research who owns the private central banks, who owns the major media outlets, find out how many congress folk with dual citizenship and what oath Cynthia McKinney refused to take as a member of congress.

    Hundreds of “chosen ones” have stated their collective objectives hundreds of times. It is not a secret, no introspection needed.

  8. Jerome,

    As per your integrity; the beauty, honesty and courage illustrated in your last comments; are stimulants for further discussion.

    Environmental influences exert a force to be reckoned with. Is it a driving current from which there is no release? Is it a power under which one must surrender? Are there variables, factors and alternatives that can shift the impact of this force; and perhaps give one the upper hand, as they grow and evolve, while making their way along the road of life?

    I see a bevy of influences, which have the potential to steer a person in a particular direction. Nature vs Nurture, socio-economic background, race, sexual orientation, gender identification, religion, ethnicity, education or lack thereof and belief systems, along with a plethora of other factors, all of which can be included in this assessment.

    Although the aforementioned influences are a part of the world in which we live, I saw many of the kids I grew up with as ‘fierce determinists’. We did not, nor could we afford to be victims. We were all head strong, filled with ideas on the war, athletics, girls, partying and what we were going to do on the weekend after the dance.

    Kids from the suburbs, were just kids from the suburbs. I traveled out there frequently during athletic competition and always enjoyed their company. They had their own hell holes to contend with.

    I couldn’t look to government, my parents, relatives, friends, teachers, coaches, priests, the justice system or society for the answers I needed….The 4 years of homelessness caused me to wander, ponder and open up to an internal Power seeking recognition.

    Now to the ‘powers that be’ addressed in your comment, unfortunately for them, they’ve created their own Frankenstein. No worries…here.

    Thanks again for engaging and being a friend.

    Much Blessings & Respect…

    1. John, Once again, you are making the same argument. Of course, nobody is a prisoner to their environemt, there is alway a chance to escape, just as there is always a chance to fail from positions of priviledge, but … we are talking about probabilities, laws of averages, of trying to win with the hand you are dealt, even if it is a bad one, as it is for so many in our country-world. Sure, we no longer live in a world where there are slaves and masters, serfs and lords, we have made progress, but … if the Commies ever had anything right, it was their fixation on social class. This fixation is still correct from what I can see, and I don’t have much faith in only what each individual can do to change this. Some more sweeping, societal effort must be made to change it, as all great changes in the human condition have been wrought. As for the “powers to be” creating their own Frankenstein … this is true, but if the harm their idiocy will bring is not stopped, nobody gets out alive, it will effect us all. So I’d be worried. Thanks for the great conversation, Jerome (PCM)

  9. Sister,

    Again, let me sincerely thank you for our exchange yesterday. I’ve reflected upon the Israeli and Palestinian issue, I must admit I don’t understand why they continue to want to kill one another.

    Violence and war costs money, plunders treasure, destroys infrastructure and destabilizes societies; while killing innocent civilian and children.

    All quality of life issues, such as the construction and staffing of schools, hospitals and communities free from murder, cannot be addressed during a barbarous relationship. Famine, disease, starvation, along with unsafe drinking water riddled with human waste; will eventually destroy any nation.

    Living in chronic fear of attack is an illness that manifests itself in a plethora of disease, suffering and irrational actions.

    Money makers, lenders and backers would most certainly get a better return on their investments, if they moved away from funding the ‘killing machines’, towards the numerous fields that offer more profitability. These enterprises provide abundant growth and diversity. Is it really about the money?

    When are the ‘chosen ones’ and their collective objectives going to be stood up to? Authentic Leadership is necessary…Not propagandists or corruptive entities who’ve perennially brought nothing to the table.

    Perhaps a Revolution is required. A Mahatma Gandhi or Dr. Martin Luther King style of change, or something more in tune with our Revolutionary War.

    I’ve learned that you cannot fight another’s battle, a bully must be stood up to and that you will not have peace, as long as both sides claim victory.

    Sister, your insight and perspectives are beautifully put together, while shedding light upon topics often ignored. Thank you so very much.

    Blessings & Respect, Always…

    1. John, One short comment here: the American Revolution was only a revolution in name. It was really just a changing of the Board of Directors, with some enlightened ideas, for sure. ciao, Jerome

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