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Dear Editor,

Last week an article was written in the Key West Citizen about how much money could be saved by changing your septic tank to a cistern. It was claimed you can save $1,297.00 in a year with a 1000 gallon cistern. After the FKAA charges the base facility charge, you will pay about one penny a gallon. You would have to empty your tank over 10 times a month, once every 3 days for the entire year, to save $1,297.00. So far this year we have not had enough rain to fill the tank over 4 times. Now I believe the FKAA is using these numbers to justify charging everyone who changes their septic tank to a cistern a flat base facility charge of $65.00 a month. It is my belief that the FKAA wants to punish any one who tries to save water. Ok. With my 750 gallon cistern I kept a float for chlorine tablets used in swimming pools. I used that water to do my laundry then used the water in the garden and I saved 1000 gallons of water a month and $10.00 off my water bill.

Archer Miller

Summerland Key

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  One Response to “Money Saving?”

  1. I wonder if the FKAA has the authority to charge me anything when I convert my 750gal septic tank into an aquatic planting with lotus, bulrushes, lily pads and goldfish??

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