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Missing Cats


To The Editor:

Over the weekend of December 12, 2015 at least 17 cats disappeared from the Tradewinds Plaza Shopping Center at Mile marker 101.

This slaughter of cats has got to stop. No one at the plaza knows who did it or why. One of the missing cats is Heidi. I fed Heidi every night for the last four years. When she would finish eating she would look up at me and meow.

I felt that she was saying thanks for feeding her.

I will never see this beautiful cat again because of the hatefulness of others. If anyone has any information regarding the cats, please call me at 305.451.4798.


Bob Smith
Key Largo

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One thought on “Missing Cats

  1. Bob, I wish I had a clue for you. Until human beings can reconcile our relationship to the other animals, we will continue to slaughter ourselves. It breaks my heart to read something like this, not just for the cats I so love, but for us as well. ciao, Jerome

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