A Memorial Day Remembrance

“Children Following Marine On Patrol” taken by Jean Beaufort.

by John Donnelly…….
The youngest United States Marine killed in action while serving in Vietnam was 15 years old. This teenager doctored his birth certificate at age 14 in order to join the Marines.

This courageous African-American Marine from New York City was killed a month after I was wounded, while running to the aid of his heavily outnumbered colleagues with ammunition, so they might prevail in battle and not be killed.

This heroic teenager, realizing his fellow Marines guarding the base perimeter were at a disadvantage, began running back and forth to deliver the much-needed ammunition to his Brothers for the better part of an hour.

This Marine’s commanding officer said: “He constantly exposed himself to enemy fire in order to keep his comrades with ammunition needed to hold off the attack”.  As the attack pressed on, United States Marine Dan Bullock, again and again went to get more ammunition before he was mortally wounded by a burst of enemy small arms fire; he died instantly”.

Death comes at one quickly, when thrust into the violent vagaries and grotesque finality of combat. The average age of the Combat Marine and Soldier in Vietnam was Nineteen.

I viewed several photographs of Private First Class Dan Bullock, while writing this essay. My tears flowed freely and I shook decidedly with sorrow for him and those that died so horribly alongside of me.
Another charismatic African-American Marine carried a small American Flag during our combat operations. He wanted to hold it with the members of his squad during our last mission and have a group picture taken.

Several bullets tore through him and the flag that he carried. During the battle, as we attempted to treat him, his flag was used to apply pressure to the wounds that eventually killed him. After the firefight, we placed this  flag upon his lifeless body and moved him to a landing zone; so he could begin the long journey home; to the family that awaited his return.

I’m called upon to identify the first causality of the American Revolution;  Crispus Attucks. He was the first person to be killed by the British during the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks was an African-American. While in Massachusetts I walked for several hours on the grounds where this man was killed, and visualized his courageous action and the precipitous violence that had ensued there.

Across the spectrum of “Race”, I’ve witnessed voluminous acts of courage and compassion. What type of ignorance and hate goes into programming a child to judge and act against another because of their “skin color”.

Many people with their minds contaminated, via worthless degrees and toxic personalities, have secured positions of prominence. They’ve infiltrated and penetrated behind careers lines; influencing, indoctrinating and propagandizing ideologies that are riddled with flaws and enmity. Their acrimonious gibberish has taken its toll upon the world; damaging children, creating unrest and destabilizing civilizations.

African-Americans have paid a heavy price, so that they too might enjoy the freedoms and liberties identify in our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Blessings & Respect To You & Yours Over This Hallowed Weekend…

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