Losing The War On Terror//There’s No Substitute For Victory//Let It Be…

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by John Donnelly…….

A hungry tiger cannot be reasoned with. Animals of a predatory nature thirst for blood and crave flesh. Their drives to sustain life are the primary focus of their existence. It’s under this imperative that they roam the earth.

Precociously confronting the evolutionary drives of such creatures, under a   hypnotic  maze of misinformation, causes injury and death.

Gravelike unawareness, bordering on the ignorant, is destructive and dangerous.  When such obtuseness insolently masquerades itself as truth, via the instruments of corrupted leadership within the white house, congress, our school systems and many media outlets; the consequences are severe.

An established world view founded upon fantasy, denying the clear and present realties before us, has developed into a psychosis deeply embedded within the propaganda spoon fed to us, as our rudderless ship spirals out of control towards the abyss. A leaderless nation, devoid of authentic “Fourth Estate” inquires;  has lost its direction and sense of purpose. This confusion has caused us to doubt ourselves, as we incessantly claw away at something to fill the emptiness.

The apocryphal narratives proffered as fact, by a plethora of pundits,  presidents and politicians; are designed to cause doubt and fear within the voting public, as it weakens our moral fabric, while creating greater dependency upon the very people and institutions orchestrating and proliferating these deceptive tales.

Dumb downed curriculums, along with incompetent, negligent and characterless individuals overseeing the affairs of government and business, have become an acceptable model and standard by which we govern and generate commerce.

Selfishness and self-absorption are establishing the norms by which we select our public officials. Ideologues, clinging to their one trick ponies, march in lock step to the repetitive tunes of their drum major, no matter how off key and out of step they’ve become.

Shallow, lacking depth, absent the experience that comes from being on the firing line of life; along with their composite biases and prejudices, many of these partisan sycophants form herds of thought, clinging to their minions, as they lash out and attack anyone who dares to challenge their ideas.

Segregating themselves within sheltered enclaves of cognition , they’re  unable to formulate opinions based upon the accrued wisdom of others.  An accurate and divergent understanding of the facts is beyond them. They’ve lost the ability to improvise, adapt and overcome.

An ‘analytical reasoned finding’  based upon scientific evidence, is a necessary ingredient in formulating any real and lasting solutions to the problems we face as a nation and planet.

Barbarism and slaughter do not originate in a vacuum. Over inflated egos,  narrow mindedness,  bigotry, conceit, partisanship and vainglory; birth ineffective and feckless policies, which lead to violence and war.

The instability, lack of trust and killing in the world are caused by the lies and actions of evil people; while those of us thinking ourselves good, do nothing.

It’s altogether fitting for the offspring of those presidents who author and preside over violence and killing, to adorn a military uniform and be shipped off to fight on a battlefield in one of our undeclared wars. In fact, not one more American should be sent into combat, to be killed or dismembered, until the aforementioned individuals share in the consequences created by their father’s failed policies.

Along with raising one’s consciousness, skin in the game will drive, incentivize and motivate these presidents to reach cooperative agreements with those they disagree with. Rather than being so quick to invade and kill people they find offensive. Perhaps, they’ll draw upon the wisdom and experience of those who may have a better way. Individuals who’ve actually developed policies and formulated solutions, which have brought clarity, realization and success into the world.

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28 thoughts on “Losing The War On Terror//There’s No Substitute For Victory//Let It Be…

  1. I sadly agree with all. When I was subject to the draft, it had two positive ramifications. First, my generation protested like hell because many of us simply did not want to kill and be killed by people on the other side of the world we had nothing to do with and did not threaten us a whit.

    Second, a military with my ilk embedded was less a threat to to liberty and morality than one without.

    Keep being a good man who is indeed continuing to do good things, John.

  2. World War III is just getting started, radical Islam is like the zombies in the “World War Z” movie, and the aliens in the “Aliens” movies. Saudi Arabia is funding the radicals, who actually believe God is on their side and they are going to heaven for killing infidels, especially Americans, whom, I am pretty sure, the radicals hate the most. America’s best chance, note, I said chance, in the long run is to get out of the Middle East altogether, now; bring all of its troops home, seal its borders, ports and airports with those troops/navy/air force, stop all immigration, stop all foreign travel into America, and hope the oceans provide enough natural defense. It might not have come to this, if Daddy Bush had listened to Ross Perot, who told Daddy Bush not to get involved in Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. Baby Bush’s later wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were equally suicidal for America. As was Obomber continuing those 2 wars, and starting/joining in new wars elsewhere in Islam’s domain. Read in Genesis, where the Lord tells Abraham, Ishmael’s seed will become a great nation, and will cause Issac’s trouble. Mohammed descended from Ishmael. Islam views Ishmael as the son God promised Abraham, and Islam as God’s chosen people. Every Moslem knows that and believes it. Isaac’s seed became the Israelites, from which Jesus came as well. Judaism and Christendom are Isaac’s seed. WW III is biblical, in origin. America really ought to have paid attention to its beloved Bible, before it messed with Islam, starting with backing the creation of Israel, and moving forward from there. I’m 73 years old. WW III probably is no threat to me; police are more of a threat to me; pickup trucks probably are more of a threat to me in Key West, where I get around on a bicycle; but my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will endure WW III, increasingly. Which America brought on itself. It should have paid attention to its beloved Bible. But then, America learned zip from its corporate war for Vietnam’s rubber trees and other natural resources, in which war you saw horrible combat, John, so how could America learn anything from its beloved Bible? It ain’t Fance what bothers me. It’s America. Let the French try to straighten out their country and its government’s thinking. Won’t be holding my breath on that happening, either.

    1. Not so fast Sloan…show me some written proof of your statement that “Islam views Ishmael as the son God promised Abraham, and Islam as God’s chosen people.”

  3. John, “Barbarism and slaughter do not originate in a vacuum”. You moved me greatly with this piece. There must still be some hope for this world with someone like you around. John, see my comment to Mr. Symington’s article. It seems to have some kinship to this article. Thanks for this blast of wisdom, ciao, Jerome

  4. Rick,

    Love you and your comment. It’s always great to hear from you.

    If you don’t mind I’ll share with you a comment I made to a friend, regarding the Vietnam War years.

    “Boyhood friends that I was very close with, who didn’t agree with the war chose some very clever and creative ways to avoid it. Others plowed forward as conscientious objectors, entering school or getting married. I didn’t love them one bit less. It didn’t affect my strong feelings towards them one iota. We were close friends.

    No one knows how severely the innocent children and civilians suffered in that war more than I do. Much of my time I lived in villages and hamlets with the Vietnamese families and farmers caught between two nightmares and warring entities.

    You must hear me loud and clear, with what I’m going to tell you. Never once, Never once; did the Hardened Marines under my command come anywhere close to mistreating the disenfranchised human beings that crossed our path.

    We treated the sick and injured, gave them medicines, food, water and literally the clothing off of our backs. We were deep in the bush, we didn’t have any of the aforementioned items to give away. We did without, to lessen the pain and suffering of the people and their children.

    We helped care for the villages via a multitude of construction projects. At night we formed ambushes along the trails and mountain paths surrounding their villages, preventing the VC & NVA from coming in and taking the female children as prostitutes, conscripting young boys for sex and soldiers; and stealing anything else that they wanted to take.

    On more than one occasion, Marines were killed in their efforts to protect these innocent civilians from harm.

    What I shared with you are ‘irrefutable facts’. During a 16 year war there were many atrocities on both sides. However, none under our watch. Why continue to judge and condemn so harshly those who served, when love and compassion were exchanged under the most hostile of circumstances?

    Tragedy surrounded myself and the daughter of one of the village chiefs. It’s a long and horribly painful tale. That incident may be addressed at another time.

    If you must find fault, look to the civilian leadership that brought us into, and kept us in that violent conflict. Civilians started and maintained that slaughter, not the military. The government locked up Ali for 3 years because they wouldn’t approve his CO request. You were made to fight or go to jail.

    Government elites in conjunction with the Military Industrial Complex marketed their war and sold it to the children of those who landed on ‘Normandy’.

    In my family, I’m a 3rd successive generation Purple Heart Recipient. My father, grandfathers and all uncles served in combat. I was born to be a soldier. The civilian leadership in my government decided how we were to be used.

    Under the most trying circumstances, many of those participating in that war, served with distinction, compassion and great love for the people in whose land they found themselves.

    It’s a safer bet if you direct you criticism towards those civilian presidents who unnecessarily used our military to invade and kill.

    Concerning Veteran’s Day programs and the like, if you don’t like them, vote with your feet. I believe you would have absolutely loved the Marine Corps B-day celebration we had up here. Real words, real people and an authentic gathering”.

    Rick, I hope I didn’t bore you. I don’t really know why I shared this with you.

    Again, thanks much for your insight and guidance.

    Love, Blessings & Respect…

  5. Sloan,

    Always value your insights and perceptions. Again, I thank you for commenting.

    I too am disappointed with the leadership, or lack thereof, that has been coming from the USA. Integrity, credibility and honesty are lacking in just about every area of our government.

    I’ve decided to turn inward for the Truth. Increasing meditation and realization exercises, while turning off the news and internet; has allowed me the clarity and understanding that I need to press forward with projects and activities that provide me with some comfort and a sense of purpose.

    I’ve hooked up with some ‘spiritually centered’ beings who are not too bothered by my presence. I’ll stick around with them, for as long as they’ll have me.

    Keep up the brave fight.

    Love, Blessings & Respect…

  6. Jerome,

    Love your encouragement and friendship.

    Leadership of some type is needed, so at least so we can establish a baseline, a point, establishing where we are; allowing some clarity and space to emerge, in the hope that we might arrive at a place where ‘wisdom’ prevails.

    Love, Blessings & Respect…

  7. Sloan, et. al., Religion is just a smokescreen here, something that superficially resides on the surface, but is not the real cause for all this. This is a classic imperial-colonial conflict that has been so mishandled by the imperial powers, now led by the U.S., that the foulest kind of religious fanatics have risen to the top of the fighting chain. All the regimes we’ve helped to topple in this region were secular in nature, a void filled by the fanatics. The West has no one but themselves to blame for all this. I’d call it Kharma. ciao, Jerome

  8. John, please stop being so naive. I am begging you.

    They are not “failed policies”.

    MURDER makes the world go around.

    This is ALL blood sacrifice to the god in the Old Testament-Torah:


    20:13 And when the LORD thy God hath delivered it into thine hands, thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword:

    20:14 But the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself; and thou shalt eat the spoil of thine enemies, which the LORD thy God hath given thee.

    20:15 Thus shalt thou do unto all the cities which are very far off from thee, which are not of the cities of these nations.

    20:16 But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth:

    20:17 But thou shalt utterly destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee:

    20:18 That they teach you not to do after all their abominations, which they have done unto their gods; so should ye sin against the LORD your God.

    Get it through your thick, thick skulls. It does not matter if you believe in a religion or God or whatever. There are many, many people who do and the god they are worshipping and performing BLOOD SACRIFICE for is the god of the Old Testament-Torah aka SATAN. These SATAN worshippers have sold their souls. They have no conscience. They rape and murder children, even their own.

    Do you understand that this country and most European countries and all of the monarchy ruled Mid East countries and their media are ruled by Zionists? Do you understand that Israel is “The Jewish State”? Do you understand the Oden Yinon Plan or Greater Israel Plan? Do you understand that Israel follows the laws written in the Talmud?

    The Paris event was another MOSSAD false flag. ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligent Service. PERIOD.




    Look at the photos and videos in this dailymail article…do some look a little photoshoppy to you? Check out the “gunfight” video outside of the Bataclan. Does that look legit to you John?


  9. Sister,

    I value your insights, comments and perceptions. Thank you.

    Excellent research, along with a cogent presentation of your position.

    I watched/studied with great interest all of the videos you set forth. I suggest others to view them as well. Particularity, the 2 YouTube clips.

    A Harvard graduate, former Marine intelligence officer and a former State Dept. official all had some very clear and succinct takes on what is going on with ISIS and the Middle East; unlike the confused and deceptive inconsistencies coming from the white house, congress and the media at large.

    It makes me think, are our leaders really such imbeciles, unable to formulate any type of policy that is actually working to quell the ISIS problem and bring stability to the Middle East; or, is the more reasonable approach to assess our malfunctioning malfeasance; as deliberate, with intent?

    Shall we continue to do it again and again over there; more violently, more costly, with exacerbated ineffectiveness. To whom and to what purpose does a Non-Stop Perpetual War in the Middle East, serve? Chaotic Violence and War Policies that don’t work, benefit whom?

    During the interviews, it was stated that the “Greater Israel Program” is designed for the State of Israeli’s expansion and growth. Does such a program exist and are its goals expansion? If so, by what means?

    Is it true that ISIS has not attacked nor breached any of Israel’s boarders? Is it true that ISIS soldiers are receiving medical care and attention in Israel?

    Sowing seeds of sectarian hatred, while supporting ISIS proxies, would support what type of action on the international stage?

    The opening YouTube video presents an interview with 2 Israeli citizens airing their frustrations over not being able to get any direct answers, regarding their questions concerning the famed ‘Mossad’, Israel’s intelligence service; other than this potent agency was only answerable to the Prime Minister’s Office.

    “Full Spectrum Dominance”, command of the ‘air-land-sea-internet & cyberspace’; is an attractive proposition for those seeking absolute security and power.

    One word of caution. The motives of the broadcast station, along with those appearing on said broadcast, are not known. The factual basis of their statements, although straightforward and direct to the point, have not been verified.

    Thank you Sister.
    Love, Blessings & Respect…

      1. he shouldn’t bring the “Jews” into the discussion. anyone with an ounce of sophistication leaves the labels out. by doing so, he engages in the same bigotry that he decries and exposes his ignorance of the totality of the subjest. this has nothing to do with skin color or religion; it has, like always, everything to do with power and control, and nothing else. Zionism is another diversion, and is merely another front for the owners from which to mask their agenda.

        research Rothschild Zionism for yourselves.

  10. I think Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, etc. were left out of Ned Beatty’s business model. And what do these enterprises mass produce? Weapons of mass MURDER. And I’m sure that most of your savvy Americans are happily supporting these Murderous businesses either by working for them directly or through their fabulous 401ks.

    Murder makes the world go around.

  11. Sister,

    Your replies are not haphazard. The last volley were particularly spot on; backed with intelligently presented ideas, by several learned individuals with passion and experience.

    On my way out the door. I will review both videos by yourself and Keysbum on my return.

    Blessings & Respect

  12. Sister,

    I’m intrigued by the information presented in videos. It strikes a chord with me, as I find it nearly impossible for our presidents, congress and world leaders to be so absolutely clueless and impotent, when it comes to formulating any type of solution, remedying the threats and violence we face throughout the world; without being complicit to some degree, with the destructive forces destroying lives and nations.

    Perpetual War, chaos, calamity and murder; subjugates the spirit of all People. Liberty, freedom and independence cease to be priorities in their lives.

    Survival and submission becomes their primary objective.

    No matter what the political brand or ideology; the amount of ignorance, incompetency and negligence required to fail so consistently, miserably and completely; in bringing stability and hope into the world; cannot be attributed to any one individual or group; as simply occurring by chance.

    Blessings & Respect

  13. Keysbum,

    It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government gets in.

    Problem reaction solution–create a problem, then formulate a solution for the sake of control. This proposition has devolved into no problem necessary–just manufacture one without any basis in fact. A manipulated media will do the heavy lifting for you.

    Different masks–on the same face.

    As you know, all of the aforementioned statements are true; ONLY IF, the material world is viewed as solid; an actual representation of reality.

    David Icke appears to me to be a Self-Realized and Self-Actualized soul; aspiring to the perceptions I’ve been sharing with you since we first became acquainted via “The Blue”.

    We are consciousness working through the body, having a human experience.

    Through an expansion of consciousness, all answers will be received.

    One must make a choice between Fear or Love. Chosen correctly, everything else will come.

    David Icke’s presentation at Oxford well worth seeing on Internet: “David Icke–Mind Control & The New World Order”. Stick with it. It picks up steam and really gets going towards the end….

    Blessings & Respect

  14. The nation of Belgium on “Lock Down”. France under “Marshal law” and “Terror Alert”….All transportation and related services shut down.

    Coordinated attacks occurring round the world.

    Welcome to the leaderless democracies of the European Union and United States; or, are they leaderless.

    Breaking news in the US of A. Intelligent data is alleged to have been manipulated, altered and lied about by white house, dod and state dept.;;; regarding the ISIS threat.

    Investigations currently underway.

    1. John, I am constantly amazed at how we are always being told on TV just how afraid we are. I have yet to see anyone here in KW or anywhere else walking around being afraid. We look to be just about the same as we always are. Look around; do you see anyone acting any differently? I was in NY on 9/11/01, when it happened. Sure, it was an amazing happening, it changed everyone’s outlook for awhile, but even then, during that whole week, I did not see people “traumatized”, or “afraid”, or totally altered by all this. They went about their business as best they could, in spite of the hysteria fostered on TV. ciao, Jerome

  15. Logic tells me its Tribal Warfare. Started in Prehistoric times and has continued to date. Someone always wants something someone else has.
    My Tribe is better than your tribe. The rest is all fluff

  16. Jerome,

    Always appreciate and value your take. Thank you for commenting.

    I believe this ‘terror business’ has morphed into a clear and present threat, either through incompetency or by design.

    Our way of life has changed and been inconvenienced. Its psychological impact has furthered a disconnectedness, panic and distrust of one another.

    It has become a palpable uneasiness for many who travel by air.

    For many citizens traveling to work, along with children on their way to schools in some of our major cities, it’s frightening for them as they brush up against rifles and scurry around heavily armed police and their attack dogs, standing at the ready.

    For those who just keep track of the news via a plethora of outlets, it’s disconcerting and unsettling to see what we’ve been reduced to.

    Blessings & Respect Always…

  17. Dr. Geno,

    Great to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to read my article and offer a response.

    You simplicity is brilliant. I cannot disagree with you.

    Human beings can and have been ruthless throughout their history.

    As you know, we’ve also had examples from those who’ve demonstrated another way.

    Thanks again for your comment.

    Blessings & Respect

  18. John, I’m not saying terrorism is not a threat. Sure, it exists, but it is generally the only resource for a weaker opponent. And sure, any of us could be affected, but I do not see it really changing our lives in general, our outlooks, etc. It has made air travel more of a hassle, but beyond that, life goes on. Work, dinner, parties, ball games, vacations, school, etc., etc. We are not “traumatized”, we are not “afraid”, we are not losing sleep, blah, blah. Even in NY during 9/11, people behaved rationally, normally, there was not the hysteria commercialized on TV news. Incompetency? Design? I used to lean towards the former, but now I’m not so sure. ciao, Jerome

  19. Jerome,

    I don’t think one can say that ‘terrorism’ has not dramatically impacted, altered and influenced the manner in which we think and live our lives.

    Our impressions of the world have changed, under the influence of terrorism.

    Too many learned individuals, belief that the terrorists are accomplishing their mission.

    These terrorists are precisely fighting a type of war, with strategies and tactics perfectly suited for their small, mobile and guerrilla type of operation. Armed with 21st century technologies, resources and minds riddled with tribal and western hatred; they ‘re developing into a tsunami capable of overwhelming death and destruction.

    Happy Thanksgiving & Blessings…

  20. John, Sorry, although terrorism has become a political issue, I see very little impact on our day to day lives. See you in the next issue, and I give thanks today for having gotten to know you in my journey thru this life. a hug, Jerome

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