Local Environmental Group Invited Aboard Baseline Explorer


Local Environmental Group StopShallowSewageWellsintheFloridaKeys

Invited Aboard Visiting Research Vessel Baseline Explorer

Local environmentalists challenging the shallow sewage wells at Cudjoe Key have been invited aboard the 146’ long mobile diving platform, the Baseline Explorer, on Thursday and Friday June 11 and 12. They will tour the vessel and accompany researchers and divers in the submersibles as they collect water quality data and algae samples.

The four day research expedition off the Florida Keys is sponsored by Project Baseline, a non-profit group geared towards collecting information about water quality and educating the public about short and long term water quality effects of over enrichment from land based pollutants, including shallow well injection of wastewater. Project Baseline invited the environmental group StopShallowSewageWellsintheFloridaKeys, commercial fishermen Mike Laudicina and Don DeMaria, Petitioners in the legal challenge to the shallow sewage wells on Cudjoe, and their attorneys, Caron Balkany and Christopher Byrd, because of their efforts to stop shallow sewage well injection on Cudjoe Key.

Although Project Baseline has not taken a position in the legal fight, it does note that: “If the Florida Keys approves the shallow well injection process as an alternative wastewater management plan, little improvement in Looe Key area can be expected. The resulting water will still be over an order of magnitude above natural background levels and nutrient levels harmful to coral communities will continue to find its way to the ocean.”

Learn more about Project Baseline at www.projectbaseline.org

One thought on “Local Environmental Group Invited Aboard Baseline Explorer

  1. I wonder what was in the minds of those commissioners who voted to fund the least environmentally friendly sewer system available. So in Funding this Experimentally Dubious system those same commissioners were able to divert funds specifically voted for the sewer project and play their silly games with the money. Does anyone remember
    THE HICKORY HOUSE??? Why do we keep on electing them??? I personally feel that the present voting system that was changed to voting for commissioners County wide instead of the old way of only being able to vote for the commissioner in ONLY your district is what has been producing these continual Gangs of Three that CONTROL the county. Yes folks our county is being Controlled by the 3 Comissioners living North of the 7Mile bridge, who only Seem to care about the Money. Remember, the New Guy running for comissioner MIGHT be a Crook?? Who knows?? 50/50. BUT the one in office has already shown us their spots. Are you Happy with what your comissioner ??

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