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It used to be you could expect some fairly unsophisticated and unprofessional behavior from the 435 odd members of the house, but one could always rely on cooler more restrained heads in the senate. We found out this week that is no longer the case. We saw forty seven Republican Senators shoot off a letter to Tehran to explain how they feel the president is over stepping his authority (he isn’t) when it comes to negotiating with Iran on nuclear arms.

This following on the heels of another blatant disregard for protocol; inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to congress without consulting the White House. These two stunts were designed to A., slap President Obama in the face and B., slap President Obama in the face.

If this is an indication of future behavior in the republican majority senate we’re in for a bumpy ride. The right wing in Washington, once again proves they don’t give a rat’s ass about this country. They would rather win a pissing contest with that black guy in the White House than secure a lasting peace and actually prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. In short, they have lost all reason.

War seems to be the right’s default solution to everything. Shoot first, ask questions later. Look how well that turned out for W. and company, but not so much for everyone else. On to Tehran!

The response by the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, to the Republican Senate letter would have been amusing if it weren’t so embarrassing. Zarif schooled the boys in red on their own constitution.

Now, with a strong negative public reaction to this childish behavior there is back peddling by the letter writers. A GOP senate aide said, “The administration has no sense of humor when it comes to how weakly they have been handling these negotiations.”

So it was all a big laugh? That excuse is as lame and embarrassing as the letter itself. Can you imagine the heads exploding had the party affiliations been reversed?

Alex Symington

Key West


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16 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor

  1. Hi Alex,
    Excellent letter. However, one thing is certain, and that is, if the situations were reversed, and it was Democrat senators writing such a letter to the leaders of a foreign nation undermining a Republican president, there would have been nothing to clean up after the Republican heads exploded, because obviously, there are devoid of any brain matter!

  2. Alex, The problem is this: the Repubs have ceased to be a “loyal opposition”, which is the foundation of a democracy. In a sense, they are close to being in formal “rebellion” against the government of the U.S. Is it because of Obama’s black ass? Let’s face it, he has certainly not strayed from the American “center” with regard to his policies. So what else could it be?

    1. Mr Grapel. In our Christian nation check Ur Money, mr obama chose to cancel national prayer day and has done anything he can to promote His Religon,islam. That’s the peaceful religion who’s main goal is to rule the world & chop off my head. If I don’t convert. Is this Ur idea of Being Close to Center?? obama is an EVIL JAMF

        1. Too bad other people in this country have the ability to speak their minds. I fought and bled for this constitution for 30 years which gives me that right. What did U do for our constitution? Are we now supposed to follow the WORD according to “sister”

          1. Yes please.

            And I sure do like that Islamic Menorah displayed at the White House annually.

  3. Wow!! I’m really glad that someone finally got a pair of peaches and stood up to that lets pretend I’m the new messiah. In the past congress has been whimping out, Afraid of The Race Card. Mr obama has done most things in the black power bag of tricks to bring division to this Christian nation promoting His Religion and a Socialist welfare state. I remember taking my Oath of enlistment during my 30 years of service in the military of uf our country & it stated, I will defend the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC•••. Mr obama is THE ENEMY of our Constitution and shoul d be dealt with accordingly. But then there’s THE RACE CARD. OBTW I didn’t riot loot and burn when OJ got aquitted.

  4. OBTW. My 30 years of service & blood says something about my feelings to my country. Didn’t our Hero JFK say ask not ••• but what can U do for Ur country?? So do you walk the walk or just BS.

  5. Hey, Alex. Jon Stewart (what would/will we do without him) pointed out that when then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi traveled to Syria on her own volition to chat (negotiate) with Assad in an equally blatant slap in President Bush’s face, all the Democrats, including Hilary, applauded Pelosi’s courage and initiative while the Republicans were busy being outraged. This is a shoe on the other foot instance and yet another example of how politicians, when they can remember anything (or admit to remembering anything) can do so only short term as they count on, most often successfully, our memories being short term as well.

  6. Dr. Geno, You’ve enlightened me in the sense that people like you REALLY do exist. Thanks for broadening my horizons … that is, unless you are joking.

    1. By the way Mr. Grapel how many years did you spend in the uniform of the US Military & what is your service connected disability rating. Just curious where you are coming from. Mine is 85%.

      1. Dr. Geno, I am truly sorry that has happened to you. I am sorry that no one in your circle was aware or brave enough to tell you that All Wars are Banker’s Wars. That you were injured and millions murdered for the sake of rich men getting richer and for blood sacrifice to their god, and for no other reason.

        This is what I teach my children and I hope they will tell their friends and let the truth spread across the land so that no other person has to suffer as you do.

  7. Viking Lord, Excuse me, I’d like to know how many Americans knew of any trip by Nancy Pelosi to talk with Assad? Obviously, it was an unofficial trip undertaken by herself and not in representation of the United States. Now, you night marginally compare this to inviting a foreign Head of State to speak before the Congress of the US, but I’d say they are not even in the same ball park. To an even greater extent, the same could be said for Jane Fonda going to NVN way back then, which has also been compared to the Netanyahu visit. C’mon … get real.

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