letter to the editor

by Eugene Nanay

It was reported that our new commissioner “lives” in the gerrymandered District 2 ie; the Lower Keys. But it has been noted that she has a 1.4 MILLION dollar home that is NOT in District 2 but somewhere else in the Corporate City of Marathon. So what gives??? Where’s her “actual “ home that she has filed her Homestead exemption with, registered with the Monroe County Property Appraisers and where does she actually permanently live with her Family??? Marathon has perpetually been controlling District 2 with Contempt. King George did it for over 20 years actually calling the residents “LOSERS” and now we got the Former Mayor Michelle demonstrating the same Contempt for the residents of the Lower Keys. Michelle, I challenge you to come clean, tell the truth. Do you actually “Live” in some sleazy house in the gerrymandered part of marathon or the 1.4 Million Dollar home. 

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