Key West: Legal Restaurant Workers Being Deported

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Amber Nolan
Amber Nolan is a restless travel writer who calls Key West home. Her work has appeared on USA Today,, Cruise Critic, Frommers, and several other travel publications. Amber’s most unusual project involved hitchhiking on small airplanes to 49 states, during which time she spent two years on the road, or rather, “on the skyways.” She is currently working on a book that documents the unusual journey and provides insight into the aviation community. Before getting into travel writing, Amber worked for an activist, investigative newspaper in London, so joining forces with the Blue Paper allows her to go back to her muckraking roots. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism.

44 thoughts on “Key West: Legal Restaurant Workers Being Deported

  1. Without actual facts it is hard to judge what happened. That a man has no criminal record for 5 years or 50 years in Monroe county means nothing. Could have done anything in other states or his country. Was he actually here legally or simply was delayed in deporting. Simply getting here and managing to stay a few years does not change you from illegal to legal. So unless we can see a document as proof of legal then all we have is his family and friends and a paid lawyers word. People do lie about criminal records. I deal with it every day as a landlord. Some will say they have no arrest records and within seconds I they are found with mug shots and serious charges. Do I blame them for trying ? Who wouldn’t lie if telling truth costs them rejection of a job or place to live ? Some have charges and arrest dating back to teen years or 30 years. Unless they have proof of charges dropped it haunts them forever.
    Many have assault charges over so much as pushing a wife or girl friend they live with. If a cop shows up for domestic dispute chances are high one or both are off to jail and booked.

    So in this case we must trust that if they are deported that they were listed as illegal and were simply managing to work and stay. No idea if Trump placed pressure on KW or not.

    What does concern us is the result of lost help in KW. This just might turn out better and without cheap help boost the wages Would be nice to see actual facts and not just a video.

    For now will trust all that were deported likely did not enter legally regardless of work permits. Not sure why they even had such permits.

  2. ICU…

    Great comment. Insightful and coupled with wisdom, perhaps an answer lies within it…

    A rogue and unbridle government agency that operates in secrecy, beyond the scope and control of the President of the United States; is a frightening proposition.

    If that’s true, we have a very big problem. With that type of authority & power, unaccountable to anyone, deportation and imprisonment are just the tip of the iceberg.

    As Leader of the Free World, every agent and agency within the confines of a country must cooperatively operate in the Sunshine, with the rule of law and Constitution of the United States, as a backdrop to every action performed, all of the time.

    Lead-Follow-Or Get Out of the Way…

    If I’m not up to the task, I’ll find someone who’ll root out the Darkness, Criminality and Ineffectiveness of any government agency, which is unfit to appropriately serve the American People.

    Regardless of who’s at the helm; a lot of Blood Sacrifices birthed and maintained our Nation, imperfect as we are, we must never squander our inheritance, as we move forward towards the Light. A Beacon of Hope for All People’s of the World…

  3. One of the primary reasons that he was so rapidly picked up and removed is that people in a similar situation, who will be told to report on a certain date for certain deportation, tend to disappear into the wind. The estimate is as high as 90%, I know that if I knew I was about to be sent on a one-way trip back to Haiti, I would be gone on the next bus North. It’s not a fair process, but it is legal and necessary.

  4. “If I’m not up to the task, I’ll find someone who’ll root out the Darkness, Criminality and Ineffectiveness of any government agency, which is unfit to appropriately serve the American People.”

    John, Actually, that is what President Trump and his team seem committed to do. However, let’s take an example of what is happening right this minute with the investigation of Trump’s claim that Trump Towers was tapped.

    After just a few days, spokesmen (both Democrat and Republican) for the Investigation stated that they haven’t seen any evidence of wiretapping. While in reality, if done correctly an investigation like this could take months, and the can o’ worms uncovered could be something that most wouldn’t want to see. Meaning, if this person was involved, then another was involved and on-and-on-and-on.

    Problems could be so deep and widespread that replacing these involved people could be nearly impossible because of the volumes of trained, experienced employees that would have to be released or prosecuted. That’s the can o’ worms or as someone said to me this morning – a Pandora’s Box.

  5. Ben,

    Your contributions to the discussion and Blue Paper are invaluable. Thanks so very much.

    In a “political & world climate” where there’s dissension, chaos and a certain amount of panic; discretion is the better part of valor. Caution, along with well-thought out actions designed to bring ease, comfort and solutions are necessary, in order to advance one’s cause.

    Times demand that everyone in a position of leadership, “must be smarter than the average bear”.

    Blessings & Respect…

  6. Amber should do a story about the Russian contractors who manage the undocumented workers in KW. My roommate is undocumented and works in a guest house here in KW for 12 years. He is paid $12 an hour. The guesthouse pays the salary to the russian contractor, with the appropriate taxes taken out, and the russian gives my roomate a paycheck for $10.50 an hour. The guesthouse does this to limit their liability for hiring undocumented workers. Their defense is they don’t hire the undocumented, they contract with the russian to provide the employees and the russian takes the risk with IRS , ICE, etc. But the russian is getting $1.50 an hour from hundreds of KW workers. It’s a huge scam but no one will complain because they fear losing their jobs

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