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For the next eight weeks, the community is invited to enjoy Florida-friendly landscaping classes. Learn about environmentally friendly landscaping practices that you can implement in your own yard. Classes are held every Thursday from 1 until 4 p.m. at the Gato Building, 1100 Simonton, from May 5th until June 23rd.

Topics are:

May 5: Sense of place, learn about Keys soil and climate
May 12: Water Quality, conservation and efficiency
May 19: Fertilize appropriately, and how to compost
May 26: Right plant, right place
June 2: Mulch and invasive plants/ pests
June 9: Attracting wildlife
June 16: Managing yard pests responsibly
June 23: Field trips: pulling it all together.

For more information, contact Key West Sustainability Coordinator Alison Higgins at 305-809-3726, or contact the Monroe County Extension Service.

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