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PICTURE PERFECT “POSTCARDS”:  “I am inspired by the old style of postcards and what they tell you about a place,” says photographer and celebrity chef Martha Hubbard. More than two dozen of Hubbard’s images are served up “postcard style” at SALT Gallery, located at 830 Fleming Street, in her exhibit “Postcards from the End of the Road”- on display until August 2. Hubbard’s exhibit features a glimpse at the Key West she loves: “the old houses, rusty fences, old trees, and the always-different sunsets,” she says.  Her works—printed on watercolor paper to further imbue them with texture and framed with rusty sheet metal to punctuate the effect of a postcard — clearly capture the color, light, texture, and details that make Key West’s land and skyscapes so memorable.  From the sweeping lines of the White Street Pier to the edgy clouds of a foreboding storm to the graceful arc of palm fronds and the playful shadows they cast on the sand below, her photography’s design elements not only capture the island’s authenticity but also create a graphic hallelujah that’s a feast for the eyes and the perfect postcard to send home. Gallery owners Maria Sharpe and Laura Hackworth feature a new artist each month at SALT Gallery.  For more information, call 305.517.6088 or visit www.saltislandprovisions.com.

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