Dec 252015


Dear Editor,

  • In 2007 KW Resort (KWR) tried to increase our utility rates. Citizens protested, we went to court and the judge found KWR overcharging. Let’s not forget who we’re dealing with.
  • At public meeting December 10th good information was shared
  • KW Resort wants to build 2 shallow wastewater wells in Stock Island. Last Stand has proven these are not effective in treating the water. Deeper injection wells should be built. This is more money and KWR doesn’t want to do this. There’s a lawsuit now which the private utility wants citizens to pay for. I object.
  • You got the lawsuit, you pay for it.
  • A private corporation wants citizens to bail them out. If KWR cannot manage their expenses, give us the company, we publicly operate and make the money.
  • Currently KWR can service Stock Island. However KWR wants to expand for future developments. They want citizens to pay for this. Now we’re “Investors”, issue us Stock Certificates.
  • Ask Developers to pay for their own expenses.
  • KWR has already charged this increase before approval. KWR needs to return this money to customers and pay a fine.
    Where were our county commissioners? Do Not Waffle on This! FIGHT FOR US!
  • Walk around Stock Island and SMELL the sewer. It stinks. Not only their business tactics, but their quality of service. Currently we’re not getting proper service.
  • We should pay for service, not future development nor below standard operations.
    Look at their numbers.

March 1, is an important meeting in Tallahassee. We need to fight or else our sewer bills double. For a person living on a fixed income it’s either food or sewer bill. They squeeze money out of us who have little, and do favors for their friends who are wealthy.

Diane Beruldsen
Key West

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  2 Responses to “KW Resort Utilities Wants a 98% Increase”

  1. This utility will double our rates and we have a chance to fight it.
    I would like to start a group who opposes the rates and organize.
    Anyone interested please make comment

  2. Nice and clear and I’m with you, Martha

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