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Photo by axelle b.

Photo by axelle b.

by John Donnelly…….

Ignorance has never been Blissful. Indoctrinated absurdities presented as intelligent discourse, proffered by like-minded elitists has brought civilization to its knees. Educational systems producing paradigms of idiocy, have conditioned their protégés to accept purposeless nonsense; as unadulterated fact. Unchallenged volumes of opinionated rhetoric, presented in classrooms as immutable truth, is the established academic standard that all must adhere to; if one is to succeed. Brainwashing and punishing the creative genius that lies within each child, is the backbone of what has been termed education. Of course, the process is set in motion incrementally. And for the most part is painless.

The toxicity of recycled and regurgitated garbage, referred to as education, has poisoned generations of children. The “decided upon world view” set by power brokers, has skillfully been woven into course content and the fabric of our society. Innocent and uninformed ‘little ones’ follow in lock-step to the world view abrogated by those in charge of their lives. The results have not been promising.

At stake and unbeknownst to the students participating in this charade, is the creation and dissemination of curricula devoted to the preservation of power structures intent on maintaining the status quo, while censoring and undermining any discussion or ideas that may be deemed threatening to their Authority.

As we have witnessed, thin skinned power cravers in government are quick to forcefully retaliate, via whatever means they deem appropriate, to any provocative questions or statements that dare to dispute their narratives.

Upcoming generations must be bent and conditioned to assume their roles. Automatons, greased for the political gears they’ve been groomed for, is the fate that awaits them.

Second and Third Rate educations are mandatory. Analytical reasoning, scientific inquiry and an enlightened awareness of Self and Life; shall not be taught in schools.

Under the pretense of learning, these staged classroom gatherings have all the bells and whistles of glamour and advanced instruction (computers, Microsoft training, advanced applications & sophisticated games), however, the real objective of these “refined babysitting programs” is to maintain order, increase conformity and decrease behavioral outbursts; while suppressing resistance. Insubordination, via any spontaneous thinking critiquing their presentation, is a punishable offense.

Chronic marketing and cleverly designed sales pitches, paid for by the taxpayer, propagate the successful attention garnered by many schools. This advertizing has provided some school districts with the wiggle room necessary to linger on, despite their abysmal performance. For as a nation we rank last and near the bottom in every academic area, when compared to our worldwide counterparts.

These skillfully orchestrated shell games mesmerize and indoctrinate many parents and politicians into accepting and finding comfort with their failed school systems. However, President Obama identified our seriously flawed system of education as a: “Threat to our National Security”.

As the masquerade continues, the diminished consciousness and lost potential of another graduating class, will be thrust upon the world to confront the realties that await them; ill-equipped, unprepared and bewildered.

Actors and actresses in this dramatic tragedy are regularly celebrated as stars. Awards, accolades and A+ ratings are written into the sub-plot; designating many participants as winners and victors in the game of life. However, this story hasn’t a happy ending, as it concludes with many of these players trudging through an empty and purposeless existence, as they prepare their children to do the same.

Government schools and the Educational Industry are a toxic mix. They can cover and conceal everything, for they are in control of all data. Applauding one another’s success, some take turns tooting their own horns, while inflating one another’s puffed up egos. This all blends itself into compensation packages with enormous salaries, benefits and pay raises. These empty gifts serve as shallow recompense for what some believe, are acts of betrayal. A sad ending and beginning indeed; as this cyclic spiral of dysfunction has become a determining force in society. This self-fulfilling malady has destabilized our nation, while wreaking havoc and disaster upon the world.

It’s difficult to feign interest in anything other than the pursuit of an agenda, which focuses on authenticating one’s existence. Twelve years in public and parochial schools did not provide me with any degree of awareness, as to the intent and meaning of life. Nor did it point me in the right direction, so that I might explore this proposition for myself. It took fighting, killing and being wounded in a war, along with the subsequent suffering associated with an inability to assimilate back into civilian life; before my desperation triggered an open mindedness and willingness to move forward, with what was left of my life.

The knowledge and practical wisdom gained via my encounters in Southeast Asia and a difficult re-entry home, should not be a prerequisite for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. Perhaps, I’m sicker than most. Maybe my defects of character and shortcomings were so severe, as to cause blindness and derangement. Incapacitating my ability to accurately understand the facts that were before me. Whatever the reasons and despite my prior condition, some growth has occurred.

I’m as poor an example as there is, of an evolved human being. Many people have had the determination and drive to pursue a Self-Realized and Self-Actualized way of life, without having to be beaten and broken down, prior to them seeking another way to live. Virtue has not been a strong point, pain has been the touchstone of my growth.

“All nations are made of one blood”. We are American or some other nationality for only a few years, however, the energy (life force) within our minds and bodies that generates consciousness and awareness, has been scientifically determined to transform Itself eternally.

There is one law, rhythm, life and wisdom that connects us. I see and experience myself through others. I’ve come to understand that the unifying force connecting all of us; supersedes man-made boundaries, nationalities, religions and races. Science points to a world and cosmos dependent upon cooperation, equanimity and intelligence for its survival.

Would not discussing the systemic knowledge arrived at via researching and studying the aforementioned insights, provide our students with valuable data and wisdom, worthy of their consideration? Would it not benefit the world and make a difference in their lives, if they had the opportunity to scientifically explore such phenomena?

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