by Eugene E. Nanay Jr……..

An Open Letter to President Elect Trump:

Sir, you ran on a platform of LAW and Order. It was the people’s hope that elected you, myself included, that you were the New Hope. You would stop Americas slide down the drain, you would begin the repairs to the Constitution that eight years of attacks and the prospect of four more of the same might bring. Now it appears that you’re just another sleazy politician. Here’s a person in the most sensitive position of our government who openly attacked the Constitution. She BROKE THE LAW. She opened up some of Americans Most Secret information for the eyes of Americas’ Enemies to see. I spent Thirty years in our military and bled for my country. Every time I had to make a decision as to whether I should continue I raised my hand and Swore that I would Defend the CONSTITUTION against All Enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Hillary Clinton is a DOMESTIC ENEMY of the CONSTITUTION. If it was me doing the things that she did would You say “I just need time to heal” or would You throw my Ass in jail. Hillary Clinton is NOT REPAIRABLE. Over the eons she has lied cheated and stole so much that it’s impossible for her to repair. DONALD TRUMP, Keep Your promise to the Americans who put you in office. Throw the witch in jail.

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