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by Eugene E. Nanay Jr……..

An Open Letter to President Elect Trump:

Sir, you ran on a platform of LAW and Order. It was the people’s hope that elected you, myself included, that you were the New Hope. You would stop Americas slide down the drain, you would begin the repairs to the Constitution that eight years of attacks and the prospect of four more of the same might bring. Now it appears that you’re just another sleazy politician. Here’s a person in the most sensitive position of our government who openly attacked the Constitution. She BROKE THE LAW. She opened up some of Americans Most Secret information for the eyes of Americas’ Enemies to see. I spent Thirty years in our military and bled for my country. Every time I had to make a decision as to whether I should continue I raised my hand and Swore that I would Defend the CONSTITUTION against All Enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Hillary Clinton is a DOMESTIC ENEMY of the CONSTITUTION. If it was me doing the things that she did would You say “I just need time to heal” or would You throw my Ass in jail. Hillary Clinton is NOT REPAIRABLE. Over the eons she has lied cheated and stole so much that it’s impossible for her to repair. DONALD TRUMP, Keep Your promise to the Americans who put you in office. Throw the witch in jail.

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  8 Responses to “Just Another Bull Shit Artist?”

  1. Thirty years in the military does not qualify you to determine guilt or innocense of someone based on inaccurate media reports. When I worked for the federal government, I was NEVER told that using my personal email was prohibited. Furthermore, Clinton had to do much more independent thinking during her tenure than you did while ‘taking orders without questioning.’

    Now, everything Trump accused Clinton of doing, he himself has done or is now doing, but I hear nothing from you about his conflicts of interest. Guess equal treatment under the law means nothing to you as well.

    • When you worked for the “government” was it in the capacity of Secy. of State handling the most secret of our governments information or were you just another schlub puttin in your time??(not that there’s anything wrong with that). OBTW, Wasn’t it The head of the FBI who commented that Hillory acted in a hazardous and ILLEGAL way putting the country’s Most Secret information into HER Unsecured server and also storing classified documents in Unsecured spaces?? Of course the FBI’s head also commented that it MIGHT be tooooooooo decisive for the country this close to the election. Obviously the only way to determine if what Hillory did was illegal is a jury trial with a panel of her peers. That’s all the system says has to be done. So is Hillory above the LAW??

      • State Department, International Affairs – good enough for you? Fact is there is nothing for which she can be prosecuted – except maybe in the minds of some Trump supporters who grab at straws.

        • How about destruction of evidence after ordered to turn them over. Or is that bitch exempt from that law too. Can Trump put a fire under this and get her behind bars ? I hope he does and even if all she serves is 1 day it will put the Clinton’s where they belong. Personal E mails on any government business needs done on a highly secure provider. She clearly broke the law, at question is will they go after her.

  2. Mr. Nanay, Please don’t take my comments personally as you have the right to your opinion, and here are mine:

    President-elect Trump is being VERY WISE with his handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, because if he leads the way with this, regardless of his campaign pledge to “get her,” then that would end up being just more added years of increased polarization of Americans pitted against each other. Besides, it’s not his job to “get Hillary” as that belongs to the FBI, anyway. Let the FBI handle it, and let Trump and his new administration do what they are mainly hired to do – and that is to fix the economy, keep jobs in America, repair our infrastructure, etc.

    Already, it appears to me that President-elect Trump’s and America’s biggest problem right now might be those people who are trying to create problems for Trump’s administration and in turn create problems for America. These people include our own lawmakers, some TV commentators and internet writers, as well as street protesters and others.

    Can’t fellow Americans just wait and see what happens before savagely attacking a President-elect, who on Thanksgiving Day is negotiating with Carrier AC Co. to attempt to get them to keep their plant in America instead of moving from Indiana to Mexico, which among other things would also save the jobs of 1,400 skilled blue collar workers? I say, yes to that.

  3. It’s the internet, How could I be offended?? My point of contention is, is there any excuse for breaking the Law. Did Hillory break the Law. Is there any person TOO IMPORTANT that laws don’t apply to them. Do we have a Country of Laws or is that more BS for The Peons?? In my opinion, If Hillory isn’t made to stand trial by a jury of her peers then America is just another Banana Republic. There, I said it and is it a wonder that other people around the planet are laughing behind our back.

    • I understand your position, and I believe Hillary Clinton should continue to be investigated and prosecuted if charged. But, this is not Trump’s deal, and again, this will be done by the FBI. It is obvious that if Trump and his people are intentionally and constantly badgered for the next four years or whatever by this Clinton situation and everything else that their opposition cooks up, then that is that much less time they can work on productive solutions for America.

      Hopefully, Trump and his people will not fall for the trap of distraction ‘game plan’ that is being thrown at them.

  4. Trump and his VP, Pence, convinced Carrier to stay in America instead of going to Mexico, and it has been said that 2,100 jobs were saved. Maybe Trump will lead us down a bad path or cause WW3, but for now he’s off to a good start so let’s work with him and his team instead of against them.

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