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Who: Candidates for Key West City Commission, and Utility Board
Where: Tropic Cinema, Carper Theater, 416 Eaton Street
When: Wednesday, September 9, from 5:00 – 7:30 pm
What: A great event as Candidates are questioned by political pundits

The panelists for this event will be:

Bill Becker, the radio voice of US1 Radio, 104.1 FM and the highly rated Morning Magazine program

Kay Harris, Editor of The Key West Citizen

Rev. Dr. Randy Becker, Minister to ONE ISLAND FAMILY (The Southernmost Unitarian Universalist Congregation)

Mary Grusin, 25 years of experience in higher education administration and now active in Key West Arts and Conservation

Doors open at the Tropic at 5:00 p.m. Voters will have 30 minutes to have some refreshments in the Tropic lobby, and meet and talk to the candidates. Please come early to ensure getting a seat. Admission is free but seating in the Carper Theater is limited.

The fireworks begin at 5:30 p.m. when the panelists for this event and the Candidates take the Tropic Cinema stage in front of what is predicted to be a packed house of politically minded voters.

The tentative segments in no particular order are:

(NOTICE) Hometown! PAC may change the order of the segments, may lengthen or shorten the segments, and may add or delete segments—

(A) The candidate portion of the September 9 event begins at or about 5:30 PM when the candidates for City Commissioner are questioned in separate segments.

The candidates are:

(1) Tony Yaniz (Incumbent) and Richard G, Payne–District IV

(2) Mike Mongo and Margaret Romero——District V

(3) Sam Kaufman and Morgan McPherson—District II

In an earlier email, Hometown stated that it might tentatively start with the seven candidates running for election for the Utility Board. It should be noted that the September 9, date was selected by Hometown last March. At that time, Hometown focused on setting a date sometime after the last date for qualifying to be on the ballot (August 21) and a time at or near the date that the Supervisor of Elections mailed absentee ballots to the voters. Recently, Hometown learned that the Utility Board’s meeting is scheduled for that date at or about 4:45PM. Hometown apologizes for the conflict error and trusts that candidates can complete their meeting and arrive at the Tropic sometime between 6:30 PM and 7PM. At this time, Hometown plans to have one segment with all seven candidates on stage.

Candidates for Utility Board G1 are Donna M. Bosold, Jim Marquardt, and Steven Wells, Sr.

Candidates for Utility Board G4 are Mona Clark (Incumbent) and Christine Gorham.

Candidates for Utility Board G5 are Charles Bradford (Incumbent) and Thomas Milone.

If you have any questions about the event, please email Sheldon Davidson at [email protected] (305-295-3560) or send an email to Hometown at [email protected]

Please note that the races are not a primary. Because this is a non-partisan election. The Candidates are not running as representatives of any political party. Where, as here, there are three candidates for one of the City Commissioner positions, and if none of the three receives a majority vote (50%+1) then, the top two vote getters go to the General Election (November 4) for a run-off.

Don’t miss what promises to be an exciting and informative evening. And, don’t come alone! Bring a friend!


For those who can not attend this forum, FloridaKeys.com will be recording the event. The event will be streamed live on Hometown Key West YouTube channel. You can watch the live event by going to www.hometownkeywest.com and clicking on the LIVE ONLINE icon. The recording will remain on the YouTube channel for those who cannot watch live.

To join Hometown, please visit our www.hometownkeywest.com. Then click on the words JOIN HOMETOWN on the homepage or click on the Membership icon. By doing that, you can use your credit card through PayPal.

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