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“My vote is my voice…and the voice of all who struggled, so that I may have my voice.”
(Lyida C. Obasi)

Hometown!’s Call for Candidates Event

Key West, 15 July 2015: Hometown! ‘s “Call for Candidates” Event at Salute Restaurant, Higgs Beach at 5 p.m.

Dear Members, Prospective Members of Hometown!, and all 2015 Candidates, 2015 Prospective Candidates and Those Merely Testing the Waters to be a possible 2015 candidate:

Please join us on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, when Key West’s Hometown! will present declared and potential candidates for the upcoming 2015 elections. The event will be held at Salute Restaurant, Higgs Beach, starting with a social portion at 5:00 p.m. 2015 Candidates, declared or potential, will introduce themselves and make short presentations, not exceeding two minutes, beginning at 5:30 pm.

Expansion of the “Call for Candidates” to include 2016 Incumbents and others who have pre-filed or qualified to be a 2016 candidate for public office on or before July 15, 2015, with the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections or the Department of Elections/ Florida Department of State

After the 2015 candidates have spoken at the “Call for Candidates event, 2016 candidates who have pre-filed or qualified on or before July 15, with the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections or the Department of Elections/ Florida Department of State to be a candidate for election to office in 2016 will then be invited to present themselves to the voters. Presentations will be limited to two minutes.

In other words, any person who has not pre-filed or qualified by filing the appropriate forms with the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections or with the Department of Elections/ Florida Department of State to be a candidate in the 2016 election for public office will not be permitted to address the voters attending this event.

All candidates are encouraged to come early and bring with them petitions for voters to sign, campaign literature, buttons, T-shirts and other items relating to their campaign. Please bring your own tables for your campaign items. The tables should be set up outside the restaurant in the parking lot. (Space concerns prohibit the setting up of tables in the restaurant itself.)


For those who can not attend the Call for Candidates, will be recording the event. The event will be streamed live on Hometown’s Youtube channel. You can watch the live event by going to and clicking the Youtube icon. The recording will remain on the Youtube channel for those who cannot watch live. The Youtube video will remain available on the same Youtube channel throughout the campaign season.

For a full list of all known candidates and their pictures as well as other campaign information regarding registration and videos of prior Hometown events and, most important, Jenna Stauffer You Tube interviews of the candidates, visit our website to You’ll find direct links to Youtube, all of the other items and much more.

All potential and actual candidates (and those merely testing the waters) wishing to speak at the July 15 event should contact Hometown Board Members Mark Bailey (305) 304-8690 e-mail or Sheldon Davidson, (305) 295-3560 e-mail

Hometown aims to promote the exchange of political viewpoints and ideas by providing and sponsoring lectures, forums, debates and other political discourse. These actions will allow the voters to more fully consider the merits of the candidates and their proposals (a) to unite and give voice to residents, and (b) to provide leadership and balance for economic growth.

There is no charge to attend, but we hope that you will join the majority of those interested in good government and our local elections and join Hometown in 2015. Membership in HOMETOWN! is on a calendar year basis.




Membership is open to (1) residents or homeowners who work or live in Key West/Monroe County and (2) all those who seek to advance the mission and policy of the Hometown! organization. Active, continuing membership requires a $35 minimum payment each year for an individual or $50 for an individual and spouse or partner. Membership is nonpartisan.

To join, please click on the Hometown logo below or go the Hometown website at Then click on the words JOIN HOMETOWN on the homepage or click on the Membership icon. By doing that, you can use your credit card through PayPal.

Or, simply send your name, address, telephone number and email address with your check for:

• $35 – Individual membership
• $50 – Household/family
• $100 – Friend
• $500 – Benefactor

Hometown Key West
P.O. Box 5321
Key West, FL, 33045-2537

This is an especially important election with respect to Key West and Monroe County as is evident in the continuing articles and citizen letters in the local newspapers. The following is a current list of those races for which there will be 2015 elections, the names of the present Incumbents and those who seek their political seats at this early date. (Candidates have until August 21 to formally declare their candidacies.)

2015 Elections

In 2015, a General Election (not a primary) will be held on Tuesday, October 6. If required, a Runoff Election will be held on Tuesday, November 3.

Qualifying Period for Candidates begins on August 17 at 12 Noon and ends on August 21 at 12 Noon.

The duly elected Commissioners shall each serve a three-year term. Utility Board Members shall each serve a three-year term.

Any person elected to represent a district shall maintain residency in that district for the term of office.

Those elected shall be sworn in and assume office at Noon on the Second day following Certification of the results of the election.

2015 Incumbents and Candidates:

City Commissioner and Utility Board Elections are non-partisan. 2015 Candidates for these offices do not run as representatives of any political party. If there are three or more candidates for a particular office and none of the three receives a majority vote (50%+1) the top two vote getters go to the Runoff Election on November 3.

Commissioner District II Mark Rossi–3 year term (has announced that he will not run for re-election)
Candidates: (1) Samuel J. Kaufman; (2) Robert (Skip) O’Neil II; (3) Morgan McPherson

Commissioner District IV Tony Yaniz–3 year term (Incumbent)

Other Candidate: Fredy Varela-Sardinas

Commissioner District V Teri Johnston–3 year term (Incumbent)

Utility Board Member G1 Barry Barroso—3 year term (Incumbent)

Utility Board Member G4 Mona Clark —-3 year term (Incumbent)

Utility Board Member G5 Charlie Bradford–3 year term (Incumbent)

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