Oct 302015


Dear Editor,

It’s not the FKAA that decided to select 3000 units to be installed in the Lower Keys. Monroe County, with the 3 to 2 majority of the BOCC approval, Directed, Authorized, and Approved Payments to the FKAA to make it happen.

And what about these Extorted Easements? An FKAA official commented that the FKAA would just as soon put the grinder pumps on the road BUT Monroe County will Not authorize and Pay for the traffic bearing cover and electricity to run their pumps.

So taxpayers, it’s the Monroe County Government and Especially the BOCC that is behind all this. Does anyone care?

OBTW, who was it that pushed for the Shallow Wells at Cudjoe, to save money? Doesn’t seem likely that it was the FKAA, they’re only a Contractor doing the Owners bidding. Seems likely they’d go for the deep well cause they could make more money that way.

Eugene E. Nanay Jr.

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  2 Responses to “Grinder Pumps, Who’s Responsible?”

  1. Eugene, yes, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) made the call to go with grinder pumps wherever they were feasible, because it was believed that would be cheaper. Believed. Or, maybe it was an inside job. Maybe we will never know. However, FKAA was perfectly capable of declining to go with what the BOCC wanted, by simply refusing to participate in a sewer design it felt was inferior to using gravity sewer collection wherever feasible. I was at the FKAA meeting, when its Board Chairman, Bob Dean, said FKAA preferred gravity and would install it if the BOCC would pay for it. During citizen comments, I thanked Dean for saying that, and urged him and the rest of the FKAA Board to issue a stop-work order on installing grinder pumps in Cudjoe Regional, and to do nothing more there until the BOCC came up with the funding for what Dean said FKAA preferred: gravity. I cannot say Dean and the other Board members looked thrilled after I called them out. And, as we know, they plowed head with a sewer design they did not prefer. That’s when got the full measure of Dean, the rest of the FKAA Board and FKAA. That’s when I smelled a rat, but darn if I could figure out just what the rat looked like. It just don’t pass my smell test. Inside job keeps coming to mind, though. Somebody down here, who who wasn’t supposed to make money off of grinder pumps being widely used in Cudjoe Regional, made out like a bandit, keeps coming to mind. Somebody, or somebodies.

    • Sloan, you, me and most of the county know the RATS, yes plural. It’s the Nuevo Gangsters of Three. Neugeant, Rice, & Murphy. And how Did 9million Monroe County Infrastructure Tax Dollars be “Gifted” to the FDOT to help repair FDOTS’ infrastructure?? Oh, I forgot– that’s a City of Marathons’ tourist attraction where Monroe County Commissioners Neugeant and Rice live. Makes you kinda wonder about Sunshine Law violations??

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