Dear Editor,

A recent press release from FKAA and the County very unjustly and incorrectly attacks two homeowners for filing a lawsuit May 9 that seeks to get those two mega-powers to follow their own rules. The lawsuit simply requests the Court to confirm that the law specifically requires that a gravity connection for people’s sewers be placed in the right of way, not in the yard. So why all the hostility and chest thumping by FKAA and the County? It’s their own rules these women want enforced!

Monroe County Code Section 20-105 (e):

“(1) The utility shall provide a means of connection within the public right-of-way, whether by vacuum pit or other, that abuts the property and that can be accessed via a gravity system….

FKAA/County violates their own rules by demanding that the homeowners give FKAA an easement to build a County sewage pump station in their front yards, with unrestricted access forever to workers. FKAA/County also demand that homeowners provide electrical service for the County pump station at homeowners’ expense, when 85% of the other CRWS homeowners and 100% of other FKAA areas were not required to do this.

FKAA/County’s press release calls the lawsuit “frivolous” but what is frivolous about a 14th Amendment violation? Or trying to enforce the law? FKAA/County say the homeowners want to be paid for the easement. They don’t. They want the pump stations to be placed on the road shoulder instead of in their yards- just like Marathon did. Just like the laws require. Read the lawsuit and see for yourself at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/20gkhj3huy3cban/Complaint.pdf?dl=0

The FKAA/County are making threats, again, against homeowners who are simply asking the Court to order that the law be followed. It cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands in attorney’s fees when FKAA/County fought the legally required Cudjoe deep well for two years, only ultimately to be forced by citizens to follow the law and drill the deep well, as they should have from the beginning. Please, let’s not have a repeat. Just follow the law, FKAA/County. And stop attacking citizens who disagree when you don’t.

Lisa Galjanic


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