Jul 292016


by John Donnelly…….

Perhaps if I patronize those that find fault with me, their aggressive attitudes and actions towards me will decrease. It may disarm them. They’ll cease directing their menacing and threatening behavior in my direction; for the animus behind their deeds will be without a target.

Pondering another accommodating remedy, if I enroll in some speech classes and improved the manner in which I pronounce and enunciate my words, while learning how to charm those in my company with a sweet and pleasant vocabulary; I’m certain to eventually be thought of fondly. I could even change the tone and accent of my words to win over the remaining knuckleheads.

People have been looking at me a little funny when I talk. I think my diction and the sound of my voice offends them. I don’t feel right when people are upset or show displeasure towards me. I understand how my presence may be unnerving; it appears the Bronx accent and intonation incites some to lash out and want to strike me. How strange is that?

Then again, dressing differently may be the answer. Wearing color coordinated clothing arranged in styles similar to those around me, with the hair (or lack thereof) on my head and face sculptured and cut to blend into a particular configuration; who knows, that might be a game changer and do the trick; so as to build an ‘acceptability factor’ with my detractors. Just think, my popularity would increase and even adversaries would begin to find favor with me.

Then again, I’ve been down that road before; attempting to win approval from bosses and colleagues via mixing (smoothly) in. I’ve even sacrificed my spontaneity and discarded a lot of my individuality, so that I might be liked. I abandoned many things dear to me, surrendering ever increasing parcels of my dignity, so that I could fit in. It hasn’t worked.

I want all of us to love and be kind to one another. There must be so much more I can do to bring this about. I know that if I keep on shedding pieces of myself, which others find disagreeable, I’ll please them some day. I’m certain they’ll eventually realize that I’m a very nice person. But then again, maybe not. Hasn’t happened yet.

Too much thinking, I’m getting a headache. Let’s see, whose monkey shall I be today? Although cowering at the behest of my overlords causes me some anguish and despair, it’s a sure safe bet when it comes to securing one’s survival.

Of course, there are the obvious disadvantages stemming from such groveling. An atrophied and purposeless sense of Self is often resultant from such behavior. One’s body, mind and spirit becomes diseased, spewing toxic contagions’ into the environment. Unfortunately, no corner of the world has escaped this infection. Each day we witness this pestilence exponentially replicate itself, as it has metastasized into the cultural fabric of every nation.

The number of deaths from terrorism has increased by 61% between 2012 and 2013, as documented by a recent BBC study. There were nearly 10,000 terrorist attacks in 2013, a 44% increase from the previous year, as reported by the Global Terrorism Index.

Research by the ‘Institute for Economics and Peace’ has identified the fact that nearly 18,000 people died from terrorist attacks in 2013. The spread of violence, murder, assassination and torture has made its way into Western Europe and the United States.

From where I’m sitting, if there ever was an occasion to ‘bust a move’, the time has arrived. Shall we ever fly with eagles, or forevermore soar with the flock?

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