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I recently read Mayor Carruthers rebuttal to criticism of the Fl. Keys Stewardship Act in the Blue Paper. The gist of her rebuttal was simplistically: trust your Elected Officials to do the right (correct) thing. Well, Mayor, if history is an indication of what we can expect from our Elected Representatives and leaders, what will follow is the Cape Coddling of the Florida Keys, as Pritam Singh predicted years ago. Let’s look at the honesty and integrity of our leaders Mayor. Who was it that purchased “Hot electronics out of the Trunk of a County I T employee’s car?? Why did some of the guilty get punished while others were told not to do it again? And how about the Honest BOCC that has already diverted Funds Mandated to the Sewer project to give as a Gift to the State of Florida to repair the State of Florida’s infrastructure? And the Honesty of the BOCC, who was proposing the use of Infrastructure funds for? Affordable? housing while the the CRWS is Not complete and is Not Fully Funded. And then in last Friday’s Barometer I read that the BOCC is questioning what to do with Surplus County Infrastructure Sales Tax monies. Where’s the Honesty you’re asking the Voters/Taxpayers to believe in.

Eugene Nanay

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  2 Responses to “Florida Keys Environmental (Oops, They Removed the Environment From the Bill) Stewardship Act”

  1. Let’s not forget p-cards, futzing with the numbers for the animal shelters, and the emergency services surtax.

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