Jan 222016

Monroe County, FL


The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) will hold a series of public workshops to take public comment regarding its proposed rule called the “Vacant Lot Reduction and Hotel Opportunity Program.”  The program would authorize issuance of up to 300 hotel units to up to three local governments within the Florida Keys in exchange for retirement of up to 900 vacant lots at a ratio of 1 hotel unit per three retired lots.

The program’s purpose is to reduce residential development rights, increase acquisition of vacant buildable environmentally sensitive lots, and ensure safe evacuation of residents of the Florida Keys during hurricane events. This program’s goal is also to reduce state and local government potential exposure to possible lawsuits from taking claims when the State of Florida will no longer issue new building permit allocations based upon the 24 hour evacuation for hurricanes.

The County has limited building permits, granted by the State of Florida, that it can issue for new residential units, based on the State of Florida’s designation of the Florida Keys as an Area of Critical State Concern.  It is estimated that there will be up to 8,000 vacant private lots (6,198 within unincorporated Monroe County) that will not have building permits when the allocations run out in 2023 the State’s current regulations.

The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners has heard public input on this matter at three regular board meetings, including the Jan. 20 meeting. County staff will provide input from the Commissioners and the public at the DEO workshops. Concerns expressed to date, include but are not limited to, increased traffic and additional demand for affordable housing.

Public input is welcomed at the followings locations and times:

February 3
10-11: 30 AM: Murray Nelson Center, 102050 Overseas HighwayKey Largo
3-4:30 PM: Founders Park, 87000 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada
February 4
10 – 11:30 AM: Marathon Fire Station, 8900 Overseas Highway, Marathon
3- 4:30 PM: Sugar Loaf Fire Station, 17175 Overseas Highway, Sugar Loaf

Please click here for more on areas of critical state concern.

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