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Key West, FL, March 11, 2016: Today, the US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA-CVM) published in the Federal Register a preliminary finding of no significant impact (FONSI) on Oxitec’s OX513A Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is in agreement with the conclusions of Oxitec’s draft Environmental Assessment (EA). The draft EA and preliminary FONSI will be available for public review and comment beginning Monday, March 14, 2016. After a 30-day public comment period, the FDA will review the comments as part of their evaluation of Oxitec’s proposed trial in Key Haven, FL.

The publication of the FONSI and the EA follows an FDA-led evaluation of potential impacts of Oxitec’s proposed trial on public health and the environment. The team that performed the evaluation consisted of the FDA-CVM, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“We need to be proactive when it comes to controlling the Aedes aegypti mosquito,” said Florida Keys Mosquito Control District Executive Director Michael Doyle. “Our ultimate goal is to reduce the population of the Aedes aegypti mosquito to a point where it cannot transmit diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and zika. “A small trial like this is designed to see if highly reducing the population is possible with this technology here in the Keys. If so,” Doyle said, “we will then look at larger trial areas. The Aedes aegypti is the toughest mosquito to control and FKMCD is looking at several different technologies. These technologies, however, take several years to develop and currently Oxitec is the furthest along.”

The purpose of Oxitec’s proposed trial is to determine the efficacy of Oxitec’s OX513A mosquitoes as a control method of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The link to the EA and the FONSI will be available on the FKMCD website (http://www.keysmosquito.org) on Monday morning.

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  1. good morning folks and any wonder why the alphabet soup agencies are boosting this ‘experiment’? and experiment it is by their own words..
    ” The purpose of Oxitec’s proposed trial is to determine the efficacy of Oxitec’s OX513A mosquitoes as a control method of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.”

    this has been going on for the past 2 years and way more to this ‘proposal’ then meets the eye but I digress…the reason I’m fuming angry is their intent to ‘OWN’ our persons…the government OWNS US eh??? not by our U.S. Constitution they don’t! damn them to hell and all the so called progressive arguments to the contrary they sure don’t own me.

    here is the issue condensed below amd remember their proposal is releasing millions yes I said MILLIONS OF GENECTICALLY MODIFIED MOSQUITOES [gmo] into and onto key haven to ‘SEE’ just what happens. DUH! say that again please? or stand aside and move on nothing to see here!

    to whom it may concern
    i am a resident of key haven and completely resent this oxitec/mcb health intrusion whereas here is a list of questions sent to mcb and all county commissioners back in summer last year.. the highest concern is ‘by who’s permission’? all met with a deafening ‘SILENCE’ from the mcb.
    local key haven poll of half the households showed a vote of NO and AGAINST the RELEASE FOR 75% polled.

    and if not why not???

    1- 75% of key haven residents are against this multi-million frankenbug release and resent being a lab rat for any mcb/oxitec human experiment ESPECIALLY without our permission. when will it be asked?

    2- mcb must have a complete EIS overseen by a 3rd party committee before any question of approval is entertained by mcb.

    3- oversight and insurance responsibility will be underwritten by whom?

    4- there needs be peer review documentation before any question of approval is entertained by mcb

    5- this incorporates the language used in the ed rosso key west resolution that required the MCB to provide their authority, standards, and criteria for success and failure etc.
    [edit..kw btw voted up and mcb walked away most likely because they could not stand the light of day on this subject]

    6- please note the mila petition online against the frankenbug experiment. [200k to date]

    7- i’m still waiting on the professors protestation of fabrication proof paper he said he would do on the below hyperlink sent last summer that speaks for itself.

    8- this release will also include gmo female mosquitoes. WHAT? do you mean the biting kind?

    as you can see there are some serious questions attached to this proposed action…all of which has been to my understanding ignored by doyle the executive director. perhaps doyle is speaking of the other key haven…the one in the invisible all state insurance commercial?
    nevertheless i think the point has been made.

    thanking you in advance
    key haven

    since then various reasons have come about…like doyle having a deal becoming an oxitec salaried official with stock and options after finishing with the mcb since he seems to push this every step of the way and ignore any blowback it seems.
    he is most welcome to answer this post thread. wjm

  2. ps: also I said last year to a large group to not depend on any alphabet soup lettered government agency since in my opinion they all work for the lobbied ‘vested interests’ and surely not the people who pay their salaries mainly the taxpayer.
    yep move along again nothing to see here too! wjm

  3. Could the mosquitoes be released directly in front of Bob Dean’s house on Key Haven? That may be the impetus to encourage him to finally spend a night or two at the old town apartment where he is registered to vote instead of the homestead Key Haven home where he and his wife actually live.

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