FAKE OR REAL? Hundred Dollar Bills Found All Over Town [video]

Video News Story by Amber Nolan……

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2 thoughts on “FAKE OR REAL? Hundred Dollar Bills Found All Over Town [video]

  1. I was on biking along Roosevelt, going over the salt run channel, when I noticed people stopping and running all over the road grabbing paper. I saw a bill flutter my way and stepped on it. As I leaned over to pick it up I realized before it was even in my hand that it was fake. I pocketed it as a souvenir and laughed my ass off at the folks risking life and limbs for money that not only looked obviously fake but also clearly had “for motion picture use only” plainly printed across the top.

  2. Living here in Key West you would think we would get used to these kind of stories – exotic cars, old men with too many big gold chains, funny money, a different parade on Duval every week. You can’t begin to make this stuff up. Remember larger than normal Monique Acevedo spending public school money on Fredericks of Hollywood sexy costumes – ooooo! it’s all Hollywood script material that makes Bloodline look boring!
    Anyone who remembers the real CannanBall Runs, coast to coast, dodging the law with often actual drivers with racing experience – this was NO CannanBall Run! Only the super rich wanting to parade their gas guzzling cars in front of everyone and throw fake $20 bills to the poor suckers on the sidewalk and watch them scramble for a bread crumb! Could they not afford real $20’s? Maybe they’re not so super rich after all? Nice story Amber!

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