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“People”, taken by George Hodan

by John Donnelly…….

Toxic barbs by design are authored with the intent to weaken and disable their target.  Enlightening and illuminating  discourse are not sought nor desired by such poltroons. Absent the wisdom and creative genius accrued by Self-Realized and Self-Actualized individuals, these bottom feeders haven’t anything of authenticity to write about. Not dazzling you with brilliance, they shall baffle you with their bullshit.

For generations these types of ideologues have given rise to the bureaucracies and ineffective policies proffered to remedy our defective educational and political systems. A cultureless society, unable to grasp and advance itself based upon the realities before it, we’ve continued to drift ever closer to the abyss. Decades of the same shit, different day, has taken its toll.

The wisdom, prudence and consciousness expansion that are freely available to all students and citizens in the United States; are attributes contemptuously mocked, ridiculed and pooh-poohed by school  administrators and government officials. Our school district turned down a scientific based program that would have provided instruction at our 3 high schools, which would have maximized student awareness and advanced their higher level thinking, while awarding $10,000 in scholarships each year. All of the programming and scholarships entailed, would not have cost the school district nor taxpayer one red cent.

At present, the “violence encouraging stimuli” continuously being pumped into our children via their electronic devices, movies and TV personalities, hasn’t any antidote. As we witnessed yesterday, partisan shootings have become an acceptable means of political expression. Mock be-headings and stabbings of President Trump are considered an art form. I don’t want to appear to be an old fuddy-duddy, but the charm and humor of the aforementioned actions has worn off. This 24 hour a day, every day, relentless  attack on the President of the United States by mainstream print and cable news agencies, has brought us to the brink of civil unrest. This never ending hurtful and disturbing reportage, will extinguish our nation, as though it never existed.

Perhaps this non-stop demonization of President Trump has served as a trigger for some zealots and ideologues to commit acts of violence; even attempting to murder democratically elected members to congress, who’ve been determined by said shooter as having ties with the president’s political party.

A “cautionary tale” is upon us. Woe to those who do not heed its warning.

Back to those “bullies and wordsmithing scoundrels”. Their egocentric purpose is to incite disharmony, as they seek to lure the unsuspecting into accepting an invitation at their dinner tables of want, where the specialties are entree’s of misery and dishes of contempt.

Extinction is a powerful behavioral tool, capable of bringing  the most intolerant of us to their knees. Perhaps the time to crawl has arrived.

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John Donnelly
John Donnelly, a resident of Key Largo was born, raised and went to high school in the South Bronx. Upon graduation he was awarded several scholarships to college. He chose to enlist in the United Sates Marine Corps. While serving in Vietnam John was wounded in action. He received two meritorious promotions, one during combat. Upon discharge and return to America, John had a difficult time transitioning back into civilian life. He found himself homeless for the next 4 years. As he worked out some troublesome concerns, he began to yearn to make some sense of his experiences via education. He sought and received his GI Bill benefits. He later graduated frpm the University of Miami on the President’s Honor Roll. While working at a Maximum Security Prison Facility for criminally insane adolescents, he earned a Master of Science degree from Florida International University.
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  7 Responses to “Fake People”

  1. Thank you for your eloquent insights.

  2. MSB,

    Very much appreciate your taking the time to read and comment on article. Thank you.

    Your analysis provides comfort and reinforcement. Let me know when I stray off course. Thanks again.

    Blessings & Respect

  3. “…non-stop demonization of President Trump…” Fancy you mention that. This is the man who condoned violence in his campaign (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dBaaK15NDE) and continues to ridicule everyone who doesn’t agree with him. To most people feeling oppressed; to most people who are struggling financially; to most people who see rich old white men making uninformed decisions for everyone else, particularly women; this man represents the epitome of hypocrisy. Until Republicans in Congress remove this clown, there will be no peace in this country. I personally don’t support Pence’s radical ideas, but at the least, he won’t make this country the laughing stock of the world, and he’ll have a better chance of mitigating the unrest.

  4. Keysmiata,

    Always value and appreciate your astute take and clear responses to my articles. I’m honored that you took the time to read and comment. Thank you.

    The presidential election is over. Donald Trump is President of the United States. The level of oppression and those struggling financially has not increased since his inauguration. Many say it has decreased, as financial markets, corporations and businesses are expanding; with increased salaries and growing employment opportunities for all Americans.

    Females are Americans too. The aforementioned fiscal growth is benefiting them as well. It’s my understanding that President Trump beat Hilary Clinton, when it came to winning the Women’s Vote.

    I don’t consider President Trump, Barack Obama, the Bushes and the Clintons a pimple on my Wild Irish Ass; when it comes to Leadership, Courage, Integrity or Genius.

    Until the manner in which we educate our children changes, we’ll continue to breed an electorate that settles for the moans and malcontents we get to choose from.

    Keysmiata, you’re a beautiful, brilliant and attractive contributor to “The Blue Paper”. Please don’t get swept away by Trump Derangement Syndrome. He nor any other politician; liberal, conservative, democrat or republican are worth it. The haven’t any substantive answers for anyone.

    Wearing the material world like a loose garment, while riding loosely in the saddle of life; as provided me with the means to “Look elsewhere for my Truth and Comfort”.

    I sincerely love your style of “truth and honesty”. Although coming at it from a different direction, I stand with you…

    Blessings & Respect

    • Oh, I agree that the economy as a whole is improving, but certainly not because of the Orange clown but from the work of the previous administration. What people fear is what he is proposing – which is to take this country back to 1955.

      I personally am way too old and relatively secure (not rich sadly) to worry about consequences, but I’ve been helping a poorly-educated, homeless woman in the Keys get back on her feet after she became a victim of the disasterous decisions about banking regulations made by former politicians (not to mention an unscrupulous real estate agent, but that’s another story). She and many other elderly people may suffer if the Republican “trickle down” theory becomes fact, because the truth is that it’s never worked. As well, even today, the economy could be better if many companies stopped hoarding cash instead of spending it – this without any changes Orange proposes.

      The proposed health care plan will decimate many people if it passes, but children will suffer most from that and all the other budget savings designed to give huge tax breaks to the rich. All I hear from people who have money is that they don’t want to pay for those they think are ‘milking the system.’ I almost admire their narrowly-focused vision which allows them to peacefully ignore the real suffering of human beings everywhere.

      I agree totally with your statement about educating children, especially morally and ethically. Too many people in this country have grown up morally corrupt, especially Orange who destroyed many people and small businesses as he accumulated his wealth. He and people like him have no idea how people in this country actually live – or exist.

      As for the women’s vote, Clinton got the majority, except for white women. Of the white women I personally know who voted for Orange, most were barely educated; many “proper Southern white” women (where discrimination still exists); some afraid of losing their breadwinners; and some just parroting without really understanding. Definitely people with whom it’s difficult to have a serious discussion because of their personal biases.

      Which is why I enjoy our ‘discussions’! I personally look forward to the day that Orange is no longer in the White House, hopefully sooner than later. I accept only that we are stuck with him for now. Have a great day, John!

  5. Keysmiata,

    Well-thought out, beautifully put together and overall an extraordinarily brilliant statement. I’m honored and privileged to have an individual of your caliber to take an interest in having a discussion with me.

    I instinctively and intuitively sense your love, beauty and compassion. If I ever can be of any service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    There is a lot not to like concerning President Trump. However, of one thing I’m certain, we’ve been lied to, betrayed and not served well by any of them.

    Let’s see if the economy continues to move forward, salaries are increased and the health care system is improved. Let’s see if the needs of the elderly and those most vulnerable in our society, are fairly and adequately addressed. Whether we like, hate or don’t care for our president we must give him a chance; or we, our nation and all those we love will be harmed.

    Compromise and a collegial spirit are so much better than shooting and killing those Americans that you disagree with.

    I’m certain, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you and I could sit down together and create beautiful pieces of legislation, based upon the unique set of skills that we bring to the table, based upon our divergent backgrounds.

    It can be done. Where I fault the President is in his inability to take the high ground and draw divergent perspectives in from both parties, consulting with the absolute best experts in the world and authoring the policies that will address and remedy the problems facing the nation.

    As the process unfolds, President Trump himself needs to take to the airwaves and explain precisely to the American People the reasons for the actions he is taking.

    I learned many years ago; improvise, adapt and overcome.

    Let’s see the facts, the actual policy and the impact these policies have upon the People, before we string him up.

    Who knows, we might be surprised. If not, we will hold him accountable. Remember, without going into specifics, all of the previous presidents I’ve mentioned have caused this country great harm.

    Off to Miami and the Theater…Much Love and Many Blessings…

    • Orange will never be able to take the ‘high ground’ because he’s operated in the gutter his entire life. It’s all he knows. Have fun in Miami!

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