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Twenty seven local drug dealers have been arrested over the past few weeks as part of a months-long effort by the Key West Police Department. With the assistance of Homeland Security Investigations, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and Customs and Border Protection, the KWPD Special Investigations Unit conducted numerous undercover operations that resulted in 41 people facing various narcotics charges. They include the sale of powder cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, oxycodone, spice and even heroin.

Those arrested so far are:

Anthony Tamburello, 40
Hector Moreira, 49
Lonzetta Snell, 52
Todd Morelock, 39
Pedro Gonzalez, Jr., 27
Adrian Winn, 26
Youman Richardson, 39
Terrence Ridgeway, 49
Dariusz Janicki, 23
Michael Hill, 28
Lorraine Catena, 46
Oscar Edwards, 30
Timothy Walker, 24
Timothy Thompkins, 23
Kevin Patterson, 35
Nelson Lee, 31
Michael Gallagher, 26
Matthew Keen, 36
Terrell Hill, 36

Warrants were also served to the following individuals who were already incarcerated on unrelated charges:

Jovanne Mack, 34.
Darian Knowles, 24
Anitra Brown, 39
Eddie Woods, 58
Johnny Taylor Jr., 38
James Kemp, 40
Tadarius Crawford, 32
Timothy Thomas, 25

Detectives expect to make arrests for the last 14 outstanding warrants in this operation.

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  One Response to “Drug Sweep Nabs 27 So Far”

  1. I am not familiar with the enabling legislation for homeland security, but it seems they are involved in incidents that are not “national security” ,like small time drug busts. Can they rid us of the “vicious van dwellers” Bashinsky often mentions , and maybe round them all up in a camp somehow along with the local open container violators also? Sounds scary.
    I realize they have important things to do, but the term homeland security is starting to sound like “Fatherland” to me when they may be exceeding their authority in a form of “mission creep”. Wish they had been around when Oliver North was running the arms for drugs operation now known as Iran Contra out of the Ronald Reagan Whitehouse.

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